Yahoo Store - RTML Features

Yahoo Store - RTML Features

RTML is a programming language for describing websites, and in spite of being a robust tool, it can be used by persons without programming experience. Templates for publishing your yahoo store to generate the final HTML are written using RTML, the proprietary language that Yahoo Store software uses. Call us to know how Ydeveloper can help build your Yahoo Store: 888-828-9864 

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Yahoo Store - RTML Features

Yahoo Store Solution is the quintessential complete e-business solution. Presently, Yahoo Store's market share is rapidly surpassing that of all other storefronts. Yahoo Store has many unique features that set it apart from other storefronts, which we outline for you below. It is a solid platform for all eCommerce business, and moreover, Yahoo Store is suitable for all types of industries. Our extensive experience has allowed us to design specific Yahoo Store Enhancements which will prove instrumental in the growth of your online business. The pagination and sorting function provides better organization of your sections and allows for greater accessibility. Now you can break up your long-section pages into smaller, more manageable pages that allow your customers to more efficiently sort items.

Let us work HTML magic for you.

We specialize in all possible RTML marketing features, including rtml navigation features and rtml layout features, which we outline in detail for you below. By using Yahoo Store features - RTML programming, you are guaranteed a fully functional, progressive online webstore with state of the art features.

Custom options Display (using Radio button or Checkbox)

Let's say your item has more options for the customer to select, such as color, size, or quantity. Custom Options Display makes the process of selection easier and we design this display according to your specific business needs. But what else does Custom Options Display do? Yahoo Store alone does not provide a feature that allows the customer to check and track the total amount of the purchase until the shopping cart is reached. To assuage this drawback, Ydeveloper provides a function that displays the total amount to the customer while shopping. This service enhances your customers' online shopping experience, making it an ideal shopping experience when purchasing from your Yahoo store.

Click to Enlarge

Click to EnlargeIt's all about presentation: Let your customers get a better look at your products -- without having to leave the item page. Ydeveloper provides an essential feature for this purpose, which also helps to increase your conversion rate. Customers always want a better and closer inspection of the product they are purchasing before checkout--and we make this possible. For this reason, Yahoo Store has built this functionality into your store's standard features.

Product Info Table

PayPal Account SettingsA Product Information Table provides the product name, item number, regular price, sale price, links to shipping information, and product specs -- all displayed in an easy-to-follow table. The Product Information Table makes your item page well organized and easy-to-follow. The Product Information Table provides a clean, concise look at the entire transaction and product description. Customers can even use it as a spec sheet for comparison between products.

100% Page Width Conversion

100% Page Width Conversion will display the layout according to the screen resolution, making the site compatible with any screen size.

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Bookmark Us

Bookmark Us Give your customers the option to "bookmark" your webstore. Adding a bookmark option makes it easier to jump right back to a specific place in the website. Our Bookmark Us JavaScript provides optimal use on all browsers, adding the site to the user's bookmarks when the link is clicked. This option is available for all Yahoo and non-Yahoo Stores.

Checkout Page Cross-sell

Let your customers know about products similar to their final selections in the shopping cart. We offer a Checkout Page cross-sell function that helps increase your order value and inform your customers about other deals and products. This means that more sale opportunities are just one click away! Your customers will see a personalized, recommendation list of more products to choose from, thereby increasing your sales average and ensuring a speedy, convenient transaction.

Yahoo Coupons

Yahoo Store coupon manager controls the input of special coupon codes and gift certificates, which are typically entered at the checkout stage of the transaction. Our coupon manager can be fully integrated with the new Yahoo Store checkout. Each coupon code can be tracked once it has been awarded, making it easier to track returning customers and establish solid consumer relations. The results speak for themselves, with the vast majority of revenues stemming from returning customers.

Newsletter Subscriptions

Newsletter SubscriptionsNewsletter Subscriptions help your customers find newly added arrivals and features. When a customer enters in their contact information requesting your newsletter, an email containing the subscription conformation request is directly sent to him/her. All emails are stored in your store manager, which you can easily retrieve at any time.

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Categorized Site Map

Categorized Site Map The Yahoo Store provides a categorized sitemap that makes navigation a breeze. It can contain links to sections and sub-sections, helping your customers locate specific categories. These categorized site maps are also great for spiders and crawlers from search engines, allowing your website and products greater visibility.

Dynamic Pagination

The pagination and sorting function provides better organization of your sections and allows for greater accessibility. Now you can break up your long-section pages into smaller, more manageable pages that allow your customers to more efficiently sort items.


What is a breadcrumb? A breadcrumb is the path that shows the sections one has navigated through in a descending order. It helps the customer keep track of his/her location while they continue browsing. It is more suitable for stores that have a number of products divided into various sections and sub-sections.

Advanced Search

Advanced SearchCustomers want to find specific products quickly and accurately, instead of clicking through a long chain of product selections. Our Advanced Search option makes it possible for customers to go directly to their section of interest, avoiding tedious search efforts. Customers can search by price, section, brand, color, manufacturer, or any other attribute you designate. Customers can easily compare groups of products through this innovative feature, as well as directly purchase the item. We can even customize exactly how the search results will be displayed to your customers.

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Yahoo Store Inventory Management - Database

Yahoo store inventory management feature is quite handy when you want to update your store or database according to the changes in your stock. With this feature, your customers too can find "In Stock" products quickly and efficiently.

PayPal Account Settings For payment

PayPal Account SettingsPayPal integration makes it much easier for customers to shop online, especially if they are hesitant about disclosing their personal information and credit card details. This enhancement gives your website a professional look and encourages new customers to buy. PayPal integration services for Yahoo Stores adds peace of mind and ease of-use to your customers, ensuring that your Yahoo Stores is a professional and quality-oriented company.

Yahoo Store Data Backup Templates

Yahoo CouponsIf you wanted to backup all products available on your store, this state-of-the-art module helps you do so. Yahoo Store Data Backup Templates exports all products/sections details, along with path images from your store. You can also download specific data from your store, i.e. only path and product IDs etc. It also downloads all product images and renames all product images according to product IDs. The modules will export all data in Comma Delimited file (CSV) file, making the file ready to upload to another store.

This module also helps your customer find similar preferred products at a single click. It will cut the search time in half, while simultaneously creating new links to the store for SEO purposes.

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