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About eMoney Clips

eMoneyClips.com is dedicated to offer best products in men's accessories with the personalization service packaged together to make a perfect gift for yourself or someone you care for. We specialize in engraved money clips, cufflinks, men's jewelry and business card cases.

For people who are looking to buy money clips and cuff links, we offer a large selection and personalization service to make their shopping experience convenient and fun. We engrave and ship items within 2-3 business days.

eMoneyClips is proud to be the one stop shopping place for premium quality money clips and cuff links.

Technology: RTML (Yahoo Store Template Designing Language), Ajax, Java Script, PHP
Server O/S: Linux based yahoo server
Database: Special database solution for Yahoo store, it is liner database and we can manage through CSV file. Yahoo also provides the support for MySql database.

247 Moda Beverlys
Ydeveloper refurbished our cufflinks pages in such an effective way which displayed our quality products to the best advantage. Thanks Ydeveloper.com for your incredible support.

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