Yahoo Domains Mail

Yahoo Domains Mail

Go for Ydeveloper's Yahoo domains and mail function to attract and retain relevant target audience.

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Yahoo Domains & Mail

Register Your Domains With Yahoo

Your domain name is your online address on web. This means that it is the very first ladder towards developing your Yahoo Store. Your domain act as your identity and helps develop your business image on web. Reserving a domain name is similar to reserving a storefront space and this domain serves as the doorway to your store.

The proper domain selection is an important thing to figure out as you begin to open your store. Choose a domain name that is short, concise, and easy to spell and remember. Finally, it should reflect your company image. After carefully selecting your business domain, you can use the domain as your email address, which is ideal for business correspondences. The right domain should enhance your status in the industry, and Yahoo provides tools which are very helpful in the selection of a domain name.

Yahoo provides a tools which is very helpful in selection of domain name.

Yahoo Domains Features

  • 24-Hour Toll-Free Customer Service: - Get 24 hour toll free customer support.
  • Domain Management: - Control panel is very easy-to-use, helping you setup and manage your domain easily.
  • Private Domain Registration: - You can safeguard your identity from spammers and telemarketers with a private registration process. The private domain registration helps you keep your domain contact information private. You can obtain this type of registration by paying an extra small fee per year.
  • Starter Web Page: - Provides help for publishing basic information on a web page, until you're ready to upgrade to a full web site.
  • Domain Locking: - Yahoo Domain makes your domain secure. This features safeguards your domain from unauthorized transfers and hijacking.
  • Domain Forwarding: - If you have multiple domains, you can forward your new domain to your full-fledged website through this function.
  • Complete Domain (DNS) Control: - Advanced users: This makes it easy to edit your servers’ name and MX, A, CNAME records with complete control.
  • Email Forwarding: - Yahoo provides the facility of unlimited message forwarding. Easily forward messages sent to your new domain name into your free Yahoo mail account.

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