Upgrade iPhone Apps

Upgrade iPhone Apps

Ydeveloper's upgrade iPhone applications offer diverse updates and migrations between devices and operating systems, as required by the businesses.

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Upgrade iPhone Apps

The iPhone Operating System 5 (iOS 5) brought a welcome change of experience into the iPhone environment. All new iPhones, after and including the iPhone 4S, will likely carry this version of the operating system. The iPhone 4S was the platform chosen to release this version.

iOS 5 brought about many changes that were all very well received by iPhone users.

Migrating to the latest iOS 5 version is the new in-thing, thanks to the host of new capabilities and the new features made available.

A small sample of the wide array of features brought to the iOS follows:

  • Notification Center - Find all notifications here.
  • Newsstand - Subscriptions to magazines and newspapers are stored here.
  • Reminders - ‘To-Do’ list feature is now included.
  • Twitter - Tweet from native applications using Tweet Sheet.
  • iMessage - Group messaging has been enabled.
  • iCloud - Select documents or data to synchronize with iCloud account.
  • Better Safari browsing - kinetic scrolling made available.

These features are merely intended to serve as an example of what you can expect with iOS 5. The list of new functionality and features brought by the operating system is quite long.

So if you were to decide to migrate either:

  • an iPhone app to the new iOS 5
  • an app from iPhone to the iPad
  • an iPad app to iPhone

….....Ydeveloper will be able to provide any updates and migrations between devices and operating systems, as required.

Contact us for more information.

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