Send this Page to a Friend Feature

Send this Page to a Friend Feature

Let your customers easily recommend your products to their friends. Reap the benefits of free marketing!

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Send this Page to a Friend Feature

This feature allows your customers to easily recommend your products to others. It is a great marketing tool and can help increase targeted traffic to your site.

Our exclusive feature adds a "Email a Friend" link to your pages, where ever you would like it to be placed. When a customer clicks that link, a popup window with a form appears, allowing to refer particular product to their friend a note.

In addition to the standard email that all "tell a friend" scripts include, this product also sends you a copy of each email and adds a unique campaign code to the email link sent to the friend, so that you can track visitors that come from that link. This feature works perfectly when combined with our Yahoo Store Statistics and Log Generator.

A good business naturally makes it easy to acquire recommendations and new clientele. We provide the functionality and your business does the real work.

The thinking behind this enhancement is simple: it's highly likely that your customers have friends with similar interests. While any given product may not meet any one customer's need or taste preference, it might be a perfect find for one of their friends.

Let your customers can advertise for you. Ydeveloper believes that by reminding your customers to tell their friends, you increase your chance at generating a referral, while increasing the opportunity for your customers to do something positive for their friends, and ultimately, for you!

Send this Page to a Friend
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