Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend

Use this feature to allow your visitors and customers to advertise your goods to their friends for you!

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Refer A Friend

Reputation is everything. Word of mouth is your reputation's vehicle.

Let your customer advertise for you! When customer "likes" your site and wants to share or recommend your site to friends, our customized "Tell a Friend" button on your site will help. facilitate this process. When the link it clicked, it will automatically forward the information to your site address. The "Tell a Friend" function will send a mail listing to the customer's friends, including the customer's name, and also email a copy to you.

The referred email sent to you will contain referred email address & referrer's name, email address, contact info, message sent by customer. It is a great marketing tool and can help increase targeted traffic to your site.

You can add a "Tell a Friend" link to your pages, where ever you would like it to place it. When a user clicks the link, a form displays, allowing them to send their friend/friends a note.

Key Benefits

  • Increase your marketing potential
  • Build relationships
  • Reach new clientele
  • Helps customers to tell their friends about your site
  • Increase your advertisement at virtually no cost
Refer a Friend
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