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On March 19th 2015, Amazon has announced that they are no longer going to support the Amazon Webstore Platform.

New Customers can no longer sign up for an account, existing customers have full access and use of their webstore until July 1, 2016 to migrate.

We recommend all amazon web store owners to switch to Yahoo Store, Magento or e-Smart eCommerce Suite.

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Redesign and Optimize Your Webstore

Ydeveloper has over a decade’s experience of designing and customizing Amazon Webstores. This is a significant advantage in itself because we know from our experience how exactly to help you set your business apart from other Amazon Webstores. That differentiation – together with a unique look and design as per your specifications – can be a major factor in the advancement of your business.

Setting up an Amazon webstore can be a daunting task for most business owners, although Amazon has ensured that their store system is very user friendly. High-end customization of templates and other aspects of overall development of your webstore are probably out of bounds for most business professionals.

Ydeveloper helps clients set up an Amazon store; we customize the store template, upload your products, manage product images, and do much more to ensure hefty business for you. Any difficulties you might face with Amazon webstore development are promptly addressed. We take the tedium out of Amazon webstore development for you.

Ydeveloper offers professional solutions to help you launch a professional and visually appealing e-commerce presence on Amazon. That also covers an SEO-friendly design and structure.

Ydeveloper assists businesses with loading inventory, managing images, setting up payment sources, and any additional areas in which a client needs assistance during the design process. When your new store goes live, Ydeveloper can also assist with Internet marketing, SEO, and PPC management services to get your webstore immediate traffic and sales.

If you want to redesign and optimize your Amazon Webstore, please contact us

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Ydeveloper refurbished our cufflinks pages in such an effective way which displayed our quality products to the best advantage. Thanks Ydeveloper...
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