Product Reviews with PHP Admin panel

Product Reviews with PHP Admin panel

With the help of Ydeveloper, you can store your external database more conveniently and modify it anytime.

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Product Reviews with PHP Admin panel

Add more space to your site for more graphic advantages.

Did you know you can store the external database gathered from the site enhancement tools with extra space from Ydeveloper? We can create an Admin panel which contain the database consisting of all your important data. You can add, delete, or modify that data as per request at any later date. You can even give permissions to the data for the display. This database may be a Newsletter email address, customer testimonials, ratings and more.

We also added more functions under this section, as per request.

1. Newsletter support:
Will collect the email address from your site regarding any and all interested customers. You can then manage these email addresses on your own and send them new promotional emails at any time. This functions helps open communication lines with your clientele and helps find potential new markets for your store.

Newsletter PHP Admin Panel

2. Product Review:
Give your customers a voice and let them promote your business for you.

Customer input and reviews are becoming all too common amongst e-commerce websites and are a necessity for e-commerce success. With Product Reviews, your customers can write a review about a particular product online after making a purchase. With the online administrative panel, you can manage all of your reviews and approve, deny or delete them based on content or rating.

Customer reviews are obtained in two ways: they can be entered via the website, or they will receive a future email to review the products that they purchased.

Shoppers are becoming more accustomed to seeing peer reviews and these reviews are having an impact their purchasing decisions. Don't miss out on this opportunity to capture the attention of more customers, with little to no effort on your part!

Recently we have launched enhanced version of Product Review that will optimize product reviews for Search Engines. You can manage the reviews from backend, thereby boosting up your sales on Yahoo Store.

Product Review PHP Admin Panel

3. Dynamic Testimonials
A good review of your company by a satisfied customer can reassure potential future customers about your company and your services.

Testimonials are a great way to prove the quality of service your company provides. Some customers are wary of buying online, especially from a store they aren't too familiar with, so a good review of your store from satisfied customers may be the deciding factor. Besides building customer confidence, this feature also keeps your homepage fresh between updates. People who frequent your store will know that you are dedicated to the services you provide because they will hear it from other customers.

Ydeveloper will create the page for customer testimonials and you simply enter them in as they come in! Newly enhanced version of Dynamic Testimonials is empowered with Search Engine Optimization feature for Yahoo Store.

Testimonial Review PHP Admin Panel

4. Tell a Friend - Email collection
The feature is mainly used for marketing. The "Tell a Friend" feature is best way to promote your products and brand image. Through this feature customers can share their shopping experience and store product reviews with their friends, building up your future clientele through word of mouth. When a customer sends an email from this section, a log will automatically be updated at the backend for you. You can also use these emails for your email marketing promotions.

Friend a friend PHP Admin Panel
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