Notify Me when this is Back in Stock

Notify Me when this is Back in Stock

Want to retain more business? Use Ydeveloper's services to serve your customers wanting your out-of-stock items.

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Notify Me when this is Back in Stock

How serious are you about keeping your inventory in check? Do you frequently face "Out of Stock" inventory icons on your webpage? Ydeveloper has the solution.

This feature works seamlessly and automatically with Real Time Inventory Solutions. Now, whenever you are out of stock on an item, it will automatically be marked as "Out of Stock," instead of showing an "Add to Cart" button. No savvy online shopper wants to decide on a product to purchase and then be let down to see that it's no longer in stock.

But let's say your customer really wants a particular item. Shouldn't they be notified when it is available for purchase? There is space for that with Ydeveloper's solution--a customer need only enter in his email address to be notified when the product is back in stock. It's that easy!

How does it work?

  • A customer's email address is stored in the back end database
  • Now when you will get inventory for product and update value in the database, the system will send an email notification to customer
  • This feature also helped you in ordering your inventory, you can easily figure out the selling products and relevant time.
  • This system reminds when to constantly stock the highest selling producst and encourages you not to stock fewer selling products.
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