Multiple Add to Cart Features

Multiple Add to Cart Features

Let your customers select products in a collection and buy them with just a single click of the order button.

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Multiple Add to Cart Features

The Multiple Add To Cart feature has many applications, all of which are geared towards making the shopping experience easier and faster. Our RTML Yahoo Store template enhancement is great for sites that require multiple product selection with a single order button.

How does it work?

  • Simply select the checkbox and enter the quantity for each product desired.
  • Next, click the order button single time and all products and quantities will be carried to the cart. No more back and forth for your customers.

Below are some examples of the various applications for the Multiple Add-to-cart:

  • Stores that sell products in sets (i.e. furniture sales where there is a love seat, sofa, ottoman, and arm chair). You can show one product image of the entire set and give customers the ability to buy only the items they want from the set or they can purchase them all.
  • Stores selling items which can be part of a set, but do not necessarily require a detailed description (i.e. charms for a charm bracelet). All can be purchased directly from the section page.
  • Multiple Add To Cart can be used as an easy up-sell tool for items that have accessories (i.e. if you're selling a car radio and up-selling wiring harnesses, tools, and installation hardware).


  • Allows customers to add multiple items to the cart in a Single click
  • Customers do not need to travel between item page, section page, and shopping cart
  • Increases the average order size by making it easier to buy more at once

With a single click option your customers can add related items to their shopping cart instead of having to click on each item separately. For instance, if you are selling a product in bedding, the sheets, the pillowcases, the comforter, etc will be displayed as optional products. They will have the option to add one, two, or all items to their cart and only have to click add to cart one time.

This feature can be turned on or off at anytime, on any sectional page.

Multiple Add to Cart
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