Login System

Login System

Ydeveloper offers a safe and secure login system to simplify the usage of your website.

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Login System

In order to properly keep track of your customers and to extract their necessary information, we have built a customized solution to assist in any and all Yahoo Store Customer Management Issues. It's a known fact that for all eCommerce sites, returning customers are always the ideal. Our login system helps you keep track of these returning customers and provides a better shopping experience on Yahoo Store.

Our Login System provides user registration, keeps track of past orders & re-order past orders, manages a wish list, and also manages royalty reward points. All of these features essentially help increase your business revenue through your Yahoo Store. Ydeveloper's Login System also helps the store admin provide promotional offers, track customers' order histories, and much more!

Scope of System

  • Quickly configurable with Yahoo Store.
  • Easy to implement in your existing yahoo store hosting environment.
  • Automatically updates the login System layout as your site layout going to update.
  • Helps admin keep track of registered customers.
  • Improves checkout process and make it more customers friendly. ( Automatically fills in all customer details in checkout page, assuming a user is Login to Login System.)

Key features of Login System -

  • Show login status with customized message on all pages of site, including Shopping cart.
  • Login System page has the same layout as in your site & it is dynamically updated when you update your site.
  • It can be work from subdomain eg. http://login.YOURSTORENAME.com
  • Customer can register for a login and manage their profile.
  • When customer moves onto the shopping cart page (& if customer is logged in to Login System), then shipping and billing information will be automatically fetched from the profile, reducing timing for order processing.
  • Customer can see all past orders and re-order any of them.
  • Customer can manage product in wishlist for future purchase. If your product is out of stock, then customers can also add to their wishlist. When product is available, he/she can add it into shopping cart easily.
  • Customized login page means you can put special banner or special text on all login pages along with your terms and condition ( if any ). *
  • According to their order value, Rewards are accessible here, if the customer uses the same credit card as before *( eg. Customer can get 2 reward points on shopping of $100. Each reward point equals to $1. ) ( This feature attracts customers to buy product from site & attracts customers at a later date for additional discounts on 50 Reward point )
  • Customer newsletter subscription.

Admin Panel for admin -

  • Admin panel is used to view all user details & analyze it. ( Last login time, Register time, account update time, wishlist details, order details, all other user data related to shipping & billing )
  • Export newsletter data. ( This data can be used for future email marketing purpose. )
  • Export wishlist data to check product popularity. ( Check Product popularity )
  • Other customized reports for "Login System" available on request.*
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