Key Product Icons

Key Product Icons

Use Ydeveloper's services to automatically add a specific graphic to your items and pages.

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Key Product Icons

We provide the ability to automatically add a "NEW," "SALE," any other type of graphic to all of your appropriate items and their subsequent section pages.

Key Product Icons are ideal visual ways to drive the attention of your customers to changes in your product line. Regular customers are often very familiar with your webstore, its design, and general features. If you place a new item or sale item tag on your inventory, your customers can automatically and speedily find out what's new or on sale.

This marketing techniques makes a deeper impact on your customers, especially when your prices are typically lower than your competitors. It's just another way to highlight certain products that deserve a second look by your customers.

A good way to nudge a potential customer to buy a particular product is to let them know that the product is in short supply, with only 5 left!

And of course, the easier you make it for your customers to engage in new sales, the more profit you make in the end. After all, isn't that why we call them regulars?

Key Product Icons
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