Flash/JavaScript Banner Integration

Flash/JavaScript Banner Integration

Impart a touch of class to your web pages by using Flash or JavaScript banners on them.

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Flash/JavaScript Banner Integration

Banners in Flash or JavaScript can impart a handsome look to your web page. Imagine the effect on the customer when a Flash banner clearly illustrates your beautiful product! You can even position the banner according to your preference.

1. Flash Image Viewer: This enhancement affords your store neatness, flexibility and easy navigation. Covering all the features of yahoo store, this enhancement confers a singular glance en route for your online store. Image viewer is a special resizable flash element that can be used to load and view images. We make custom flash web design service for your yahoo store and assist you in the development of your store's signature characters using a state of the art Flash Image Viewer.

2. Flash Banner in Header: Banners are one of the most effective and successful online marketing tools around. It provides groundwork for your company that heighten sales and sheds a spotlight on any particular product or service. When a banner is fabricated using Flash, the customer simply cannot miss it. Flash headers attract customers and inform the public of new products, special deals, or discounted services. When flash banners are used in the headers, they become the foremost object in a customer's vision and pull the customer towards that specific good/service.

3. Center Flash Banner: Initiation a new product or sponsor your best product with a Center Flash Banner. As a business owner, it's up to you to direct your customers to your best products. Where do you want their gaze to fall? Banners play an imperative role in campaigning specific products and services, especially those that generate the most profit for your company, when they are positioned in precise places on the website. An animated, colorful flash banner magnifies your image, working as a advertisement, promotional lens, and window to a company's ethos. Enhanced, strategic banners are one of the best ways to transmit your company's ideas to the online consumer.

4. Dynamic Flash Specials (No flash required for customer): It is now possible in today's fast-paced, technological environment, to update or edit a flash file without having any real deep knowledge of flash. Images can be uploaded to specific folders and easily integrated and incorporated into the existing site. Ydeveloper helps create a vibrant flash websites, using Dynamic Flash Components, which are not only eye-catching, but also extremely user-friendly.

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