iPhone Theme and Icons Design

iPhone Theme and Icons Design

With minimalistic design being Ydeveloper's mantra, our iPhone Themes and Icon design are simply guided by the same philosophy.

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iPhone Theme and Icons Design

The visual appeal of the themes and icons (of apps) on the iPhone is the first thing you notice when you bring up the home screen. An attractive theme coupled with matching icons are critical to the success of your application.

So what’s a quality theme or a well-designed icon? What responses should they elicit from the iPhone user? Obviously enough, the user should want to not merely admire them for their visual appeal, but actually feel like tapping the icon because of that appeal.

Many applications such as the Notes app, as well as apps for Facebook, Twitter, and so on, have such simple visual appeal, yet they are apps that are the ones most used universally. So what’s the takeaway here?

Top-notch performance, plus simplicity in design = App success.

We have embedded this principle into all our development work at Ydeveloper.

We are simply on the right track and in a position to leverage that advantage on behalf of our clients. We could say we have the best visualizers and design gurus on the premises. We could tell you about all the varied technologies we have handled. But that would be an understatement.

We have a genuine passion for minimalistic design and that is the source of our inspiration.

Contact us for queries you might have regarding our iPhone theme and icons designs.

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