iPhone Product Catalog Apps

iPhone Product Catalog Apps

Access your company information and product pages at your fingertips with Ydeveloper's digitized iPhone Product Catalog Apps.

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iPhone Product Catalog Apps

A product catalog on the iPhone means that your customers can access your company’s information and images of your products anytime, anywhere. Our digitized product catalog takes your products and presents them in a dynamic, interactive way, all within the confines of your consumers’ hands. It’s like having hundreds of thousands of stores right at your fingertips!

Wherever the customer goes, s/he can take the catalog along and decide to either look up the products, compare similar ones, or go ahead with the purchase - straight from the iPhone itself.

The iPhone, being the revolutionary instrument that it is, naturally makes your products look more appealing than on any other mobile device. Apple’s state of the art retina display actually helps the cause of your business! Add to that the brilliant design, concise content, and smooth navigation engineered into your product catalog (as designed by  Ydeveloper)  and you have an unbeatable application that your customers will love and your competition will envy.

Ydeveloper offers two kinds of product catalog:

  • Static product catalog: This is a catalog for reference only. It is intended to provide information quickly and also provide excellent images for your products. It is a much better alternative to traditional advertising because it simply and quickly provides all the info that you want your customers to immediately know.
  • Dynamic product catalog: This catalog not only offers the information and images for your products, but also enables the user to order products using in-app links. The user can even make a payment using mobile payment gateways.

Standard features of Ydevelopers’ product catalog solution:

  • Product pages carry name, price, description, image, and product options
  • Dynamic image mapping links part of the product image
  • Customized front and back covers
  • Next/previous page and link-based navigation from the cover page
  • Flip-page effect for easy browsing
  • Product zoom to enable close-up inspection
  • Thumbnail view to view several products at once
  • Dynamic best-seller category
  • Search using various parameters
  • Cart redirects to the site for checkout process
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