iPad Apps for your Business

iPad Apps for your Business

Want to have solutions for all your business needs on one platform? Explore iPad functions with us.

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iPad Apps for your Business

In only a couple of years after entering the tablet market, iPad has already captured almost 70% of the global tablet market and is growing. To be able to consolidate its already formidable position, iPad will have to prove that it is much more than a means to access the Internet and play games.

Apple is currently looking to establish iPad as a great business tool.

At present, 90% of the apps on iTunes store are consumer apps. Therefore, there is a very real need for thousands of business applications. As a result of this scarcity of business apps, companies are turning to software developers such as Ydeveloper to create apps for them.

According to a recent Deloitte report, the app economy is likely to be worth $2 billion by 2015. As businesses see their competitors start sourcing business apps, the scenario is infused with the question, "Do we need to get ourselves an app?"

Accenture, SAP, and IBM have all started the search for quality business apps. The idea is to improve business processes to gain better ROIs and profits.

Your business, no matter what size it is, will eventually need to play catch-up. To make things easier for you, Ydeveloper provides premium, custom-built applications for businesses on iPad platform. Our apps are built to facilitate the following business functions:

  • Access, review, edit, annotate, and otherwise modify all important files and documents
  • Manage inventory, track shipments, or invoice clients easily
  • Manage business finances wherever you are, whenever you like
  • Improve sales and manage financial transactions
  • Access customer data and manage customer relationships
  • Make key decisions in real time
  • Share ideas with just a few taps
  • Create and give brilliant presentations

Wanna cash in on the early-adaptor advantage with custom-made business apps? Contact us to find out more and discuss prospects for your business.

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