Inventory & Order Management

Inventory & Order Management

Are you looking for an inventory and order management system for your business? You will find many in the market, but it doesn't mean that all are suitable for your business. You need to pick and choose one that fulfills all your business needs and requirements. Ydeveloper's offers a unique inventory and order management system that will seamlessly integrate all back-end processes relating to inventory and orders into one smooth process for easy management.

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Inventory & Order Management

There's a plethora of inventory and order management solutions on the market, but you need one that is suited to your business processes, and it makes sense to avail a solution that matches features available with prominent brands but not their prices.

Ydeveloper's custom-built solution is much more than a simple inventory and order management system. The customized inventory and order management system:

  • Is custom built with your store and business in mind
  • Is an all-in-one business inventory and order management system that helps you increase sales, boost productivity, and communicate professionally
  • Enables you to work on inventory data to address customers' concerns and empower your sales channels
  • Works with multiple online stores (such as Custom eCommerce, Yahoo Store, Amazon Webstore, eBay Store and more) and is designed to track your stock more efficiently and resourcefully
  • Enables you to track particular details and obtain high-level insights that create the edge you need over the competition
  • Offers customized report generating capabilities for creating reports on sales and order statistics for tracking your stores' growth
  • Is built to include every feature or functionality your business requires

Looking for a Custom Inventory & Order Management System?

What can Ydeveloper's customized solution do for your business?

1. Increase Sales:

Ydeveloper's custom solution helps you track the smallest details and benefit from high-level insights to gain the competitive edge you need to grow sales and boost the bottom line.

  • Better decision making: Ydeveloper's customized IMS gives access to reports and interactive graphs for information such as the highest selling products in your inventory and the best-selling products.
  • Reaching target audience: Put to good use your contacts and sell more. No matter what channel your customers buy from, all of your contacts are manageable from within the central admin panel provided.
  • Saving time: The centralized admin panel saves you time by enabling comparison and evaluating business performance. It aggregates all your orders, inventory, contacts, and expenses in one place. You can access this information from wherever you are.

2. Boost Productivity:

Everything about our customized offering is geared toward boosting productivity through a clean and intuitive interface that integrates easily with your store.

  • Clean online and offline inventory management: Regardless of where and on what platform you are selling, the customized IMS integrates seamlessly with your store. Manage all your inventory, contacts, invoices, and packaging slips from a central location.
  • Ease in exporting anytime, anywhere: Ydeveloper enables you to easily export contacts, run detailed reports and download them as CSV and PDF or save them to your Google Drive. Ydeveloper's IMS also integrates directly with QuickBooks.
  • Customized for your business: The insights available at a glance in our central admin panel will enable you to quickly track the status of your payments, packages, expenses, inventory, and sales. Understand where exactly you're at and what you can do to keep business coming in and customers happy.

3. Organized setup:

You have a lot to do where you need to keep the business running smoothly. Ydeveloper's IMS can help you keep things organized and manage flow both within and outside the business.

  • Working as a team: Every user can be given a separate login. This enables your team to manage inventory and work together to help the orders through the funnel, and dispatch shipments without any uncertainty or duplication of work.
  • Pack it, send it, and focus: The system smoothly generates professional packing slips and provides tracking information to your customers. It saves time as you don't need to labor over the various processes. Complete your order fulfillment in a jiffy.
  • Professional invoices and fast payments: The invoices generated by your inventory management solution will be sent quickly to your customers. That also means that you will be receiving payments in far less time. We can provide PayPal integration as well, so that your customer can pay you directly from the invoice itself.
Ydeveloper's custom-built inventory and order management system:
  • Is built from scratch for each Ydeveloper client, therefore seamlessly integrated
  • Includes every feature/functionality required, therefore is scalable to growth
  • Is priced just right, therefore suited to medium to small businesses
  • Enables growing the business like no other comparable system
  • Integrates directly with QuickBooks

Avail the following optional add-ons for growing your business and scaling your software to that growth:

  • Shipping Management Solution: Simplifies order fulfillments for business of all sizes, from large corporations to midsize and small businesses.
  • Feed Management System: Offers the full-blown benefits of a complete suite of solutions for feed management, feed data validation, and feed content optimization.
  • Warehouse Management System: Provides procedures to manage your stock from a warehouse facility, and enables a seamless link to order processing and logistics management.
  • Returned Merchandize Authorization: The Returned Merchandize Authorization software:
    • Provides separate RMA links per store, per channel
    • Provides high levels of automation in generation of RMA number and slip and calculation of restocking fees and due refunds
    • Enables selling returned items as refurbished ones, and streamlines the RMA processes to leave a lasting impression on your customers
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