Image Alt & Title Tags

Image Alt & Title Tags

Tags make a significant contribution to SEO. Get these done right and your site is found online easily.

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Image Alt & Title Tags

Search Engine optimization renders the best results when the keywords are repeated in a variety of ways. Image Alt Tags helps provide these keywords and convey them to search engines. A keyword may consist of either an item name, its description, or any other secondary information.

Adding an Alt tag to the item main image provides the search engine with more keywords, when it normally would be overlooked.

The more number of images having Alt tag, the more your company will be found through search engines. It is more convenient way to help the search engines direct your customers to your site.

Key Benefits

  • Adds keywords and content to your pages
  • Helps to boost your site in Search Engine Optimizing Process
  • Dynamically generated from your company's name
  • Helpful when images not are available
Image Alt Tags
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