Google Translator for Yahoo! Stores

Google Translator for Yahoo! Stores

Don't lose business because your customer doesn't know your language. Simply use Ydeveloper's translation services for that.

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Google Translator for Yahoo! Stores

Why should you lose business just because your customer isn't fluent in a particular language? We live in an international society, with languages developing and disintergrating all around us. Google translator has made it easier for customers who may speak a different idioma (for example) to pursue online shopping more efficiently.

Google has a language translator tool which can translate entire page to the selected language.

Here at Ydeveloper we seamlessly integrate this tool with your Yahoo Store and include all of your specifications. We can even add this feature in two different ways:

1) Traditional way to select the language - with google translator logo.
2) Customized way- this can match easily with your site. You just need to select the language (from google language translator) and send us their names. We will set them to match with your site.

Google Translator for Yahoo! Stores
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