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Google Analytics

Ydeveloper's Google analytics offers a range of reports that will help you decipher your website traffic and visibility.

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Google Analytics

Yahoo Store Owners have lot of queries in mind about their online store. Google Analytics provide answers to their questions. Some of the common questions regarding Yahoo Store are:

How many unique visitors do I get on my site through various sources? Which keywords are often searched? Google Analytics deliver complete solution for all of your queries and easily implemented on your Yahoo Store.

Google Analytics can track total number of visitors as well as you can identify number of return visitor to your yahoo store. We provide detail analysis report copy which supply quick idea of web traffic through various sources and it displays segment wise visitors to your yahoo store.

Since Google provides free Google Analytics account through which you can maintain track record on overall keywords conversion for your site. You can be aware about various referrals site of your store. This will help you to target your audience accordingly. You can be aware about total number of inquiry through Google Analytics Report.

You can restrict your Google Analytics access to particular persons and allow them to access only specific features of your Yahoo Store which is permitted. Google Analytics allow you to integrate your Ad words campaign directly. This helps you to track complete report of your Ad words campaign from Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is complete solution, as this is free services from Google you can save spending on such software to track record. This is from Google, so you can rely on Google Analytics service.

If you want to integrate Google Analytics Facility to your Yahoo Store, please Contact Us.

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