Floating Shopping Cart

Floating Shopping Cart

Keep your customers confident by displaying the amount spent as products are added to the shopping cart!

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Floating Shopping Cart

This option allows you to display the cart in a tiny frame on each page, all while the customer continues to shop! The floating shopping cart help the customer keep track of how many products they are ordering and the total billing amount, or final sales amount. The floating Cart boosts your customers confidence by displaying their cart contents on all your web pages, letting them feel at ease to continue shopping while monitoring their money (and not be shocked by the final total and end the whole sale!). It has been proven that customers only purchase more when he/she feels more secure while they are moving throughout the store's pages. For you, as a business owner, this means more volume, higher profits, and less time spent chasing down abandoned carts.

Key Benefits

  • Displays cart contents on every page.
  • Shows the total number of items purchased.
  • Checkout capability right from the floating shopping cart.
  • Shows the total price of the product purchased.
  • Lets the customer know the name & image of each potentially purchased item.
  • Display functions are completely customizable to fit your site's format.

This functionality comes in 2 parts.

  • Displays only number of items/total purchase at the cart.
  • Shows item name, image and total purchase details.
Floating Shopping Cart
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