Feed Management

Feed Management

Feed management made easy with Ydeveloper's updated ecommerce optimization tools. We track and manage feed activities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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Feed Management

You have to get your company name out there on the internet in order to be successful. Every business owner understands this, that’s why marketing happens to be one of the biggest concerns in initial start-up businesses. Enhanced reach is the biggest draw for every business person who seeks to derive maximum benefit from the Internet and its attendant facility. And, because of the advances in web feed management, that benefit has been further streamlined at Ydeveloper.

The new features that Google comes out with practically every other day are obviously poised to have a major impact on web page optimization in particular and web feeds deployed on your end are similarly likely to have a major influence on the reach of your business. Don’t let your business fall behind the latest current trends in social marketing and SEO trends just because you have the wrong developer. Ydeveloper can and will take all the headaches out of feed management and updated eCommerce optimization.

Ydeveloper offers the perfect web feed management solution to manage your web feeds and expand your company’s reach significantly.

Publisher's benefits:

  • Inclusion of full/summarized text
  • Metadata – publishing dates and authorship
  • Automatic syndication of content
  • Significantly enhanced reach

Readers' benefits:

  • Timely updates from favorite sites
  • Aggregation of different feeds in one place (feed readers)

Ydeveloper's solution helps acquire data feeds to increase your ecommerce sales. The following are its important characteristics:

  • Makes inputting data feeds into comparison shopping engines simple and automatic
  • Effectively handles incoming data files
  • Delivers them to multiple comparison shopping engines
  • Supports Google Product Search, PriceGrabber.com, Shopping.com and more
  • Compatible with single/multiple ecommerce sites
  • Manage practically unlimited feeds for your stores
  • Import data from your website
  • Fully or partially clone feed from another feed
  • Import new updates at any time from your site
  • Update data for single or multiple feeds from a single point
  • Add/remove feed selection easily
  • Manage fields for each feed
  • Use a feed status indicator (indicates feed usability)
  • Export feeds
  • Automatically submit feeds (for feeds selected)
  • Feed submission auto scheduler (for feeds selected)
  • Benefit from the report options available
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