With Ydeveloper's feature-rich inventory and order management system, you can have all the information on your fingertips in real time.

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Our inventory and order management system helps you keep better track of all your stock & keep all your order details up-to-date. It provides customers with up to date information about the status of each product, so that they can place an order according to a products' availability. Along with Product Stock management, our system also manages orders, and deals with payments, customer and shipping information, and more. It works on all kinds of platforms, including Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, and even customized eCommerce platforms such as e-Smart eCommerce Suite.

Inventory System provides the functionality to check real-time inventory (however this feature only works only for Yahoo store and customized eCommerce with PHP, ASP.Net, and Java). On account of limitations in other stores (Amazon and eBay), real-time inventory management isn't feasible with them.

Scope of System
  • Totally automated process for inventory checking
  • Automatic deduction from inventory after every successful order
  • Automated processing for order collection
  • Easy integration with your existing store

Our inventory and order management system provides several important features that help you manage your store products and online orders effectively. Here are some of the more important ones:

  • Customized Dashboard
    Your Dashboard is the place where you can access all the real-time information regarding your orders, products, customer information, and even compare orders in a graphical chart format. Your dashboard is where you can analyze all of your business information.
    • Summary of Top 5 Products
    • Summary of Top 5 Customers
    • Summary of Pending Orders
    • Comparison Graph
  • Category Management
    From here, you can Add/Edit/Delete categories for your store. This section allows you to add multilevel categorizations for yahoo store only (please note that other stores, such as Amazon and eBay do not require/allow for multilevel categorizations).
  • Brand/Manufacturer Management
    From here, you can Add/Edit/Delete Brand/Manufacturer information. This section can be common to all your stores.
  • Product Management
    From this section, you can manage all store product information and its subsequent inventory. You can also import/export feeds for different stores. You can add products for following stores:
    • Yahoo Store Products
      Products from all Yahoo stores carry the same information - product name, ID, code, caption, price, sale price, taxable options, and product attributes. Some products require additional fields. A wide array of different product attributes that can be listed, all of which can be easily managed in real time.
    • Amazon Products
      Manage all product information from your Amazon domain, including multiple pictures, descriptions, target market, keywords, categories and a host of other features. Your products can be sold on Amazon.com (US), Amazon.UK (United Kingdom), Amazon.DE (Denmark), Amazon.FR (France), and Amazon.CA (Canada). You can't manage quantities in an Amazon Store as inventory because Amazon does not allow this feature.
    • eBay Products
      Manage product information including multiple pictures, descriptions, target market, keywords, categories and a host of other features on your eBay store. Please note, however, that you cannot manage quantities for inventory in an eBay store because eBay does not allow this feature.
  • Customer Management
    From this section, you can keep track of customer information, specifically those who have previously placed an order, so you can easily send them newsletters or offer containing emails. We take care of extracting all the customer information from your orders.
  • Order Management
    From this section, you can view detailed information from all your orders. Our order management displays full order details such as Payment information, Customer Information, and Shipping Information.
  • Reporting Manager
    You can generate various types of reports including sales reports, order statistics, and storewide sales report.
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