Facebook Store Concept

Facebook Store Concept

Learn what a Facebook store is before you set one up. It will help you chart the course right.

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Facebook Store Concept

The most definitive characteristic of a Facebook store is that it comprises a vast user base. Facebook is a community of sharers, commenters, and likers. Facebook users are people who enjoy talking to like-minded people about common interests. They also like to share product information and recommendations with like-minded people. They do their social networking along with social shopping. This is the community you need to reach as a Facebook storeowner.

From a business perspective, Facebook community is a goldmine for marketing. You can't pay someone enough money to generate this much word-of-mouth buzz about your product-and on Facebook it happens for free. All you have to do is treat the Facebook users right and give them something genuine to like, share, or comment about. If you can do that, then you can sell to them.

Facebook store can be set up as a separate store or as an extension of your existing online eCommerce store. You have to decide how you can best provide a satisfying social and shopping experience for your customers. We help you navigate through this process.

Facebook Store

What can I do with my Facebook store?

Your Facebook store is like a premium piece of real estate. You can use it to offer your products and services to users of Facebook. But that is only the beginning. You can do a lot more with a Facebook store. See some examples below.

  • It is a place for directly interacting with the users of your products. This interaction provides ideas that can be translated into better products or processes.
  • You can create your own logo, style, and fonts to reflect your own brand on the Facebook site.
  • Ydeveloper takes care of design, development, coding, and maintaining the server; it also takes care of technical support and training. This frees up a lot of time for you to concentrate on growing your business.
  • It provides endless possibilities of getting new and repeat customers.
  • Ydeveloper can make your Facebook store an extension of your core eCommerce site. When you add new products to one site, the other site will automatically be updated to reflect all the changes.

Contact Ydeveloper today to discuss how we can help you set up your Facebook store.

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