e-Smart eCommerce Suite

e-Smart eCommerce Suite

e-Smart eCommerce Suite is a comprehensive package of custom ecommerce software imbued with years of experience and insight into the working of custom ecommerce website at the global level. In addition to its SEO-friendly ecommerce platform orientation, this is a software most sought after by midsize to large businesses worldwide, to serve the specific needs of practically any e-commerce venture at the best price.

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e-Smart eCommerce Suite - A Custom eCommerce Solution

e-Smart eCommerce Suite is a fully flexible custom ecommerce software that comes fully loaded with the very best ecommerce features on the market. Our custom ecommerce development package is a top of the line ecommerce website platform, with reliable backend and professional ecommerce development services at the best price.

But why get it? e-Smart eCommerce Suite creates a highly intuitive e-commerce front-end that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful to the customers. You can expect features like the custom ecommerce shopping cart to create a much-enhanced shopping experience for your online customers.

e-Smart eCommerce Suite: An Overview
The success of your online business depends on the quality of your ecommerce design and development. Hence, your individual idea of an ecommerce platform is our main priority. Being a customizable software, e-Smart eCommerce Suite provides an ecommerce platform that provides the best ecommerce design and development, which addresses every business requirement.

“How do you design the best eCommerce website?”

The package offers the following advantages and eCommerce Solutions:
A Top-Notch eCommerce Platform: e-Smart eCommerce Suite is currently used by scores of successful ecommerce businesses in the United States and abroad-all of which display great results.
Custom eCommerce Solution: This is a package that guarantees full satisfaction because it creates custom ecommerce solutions that are developed according to the client's taste, specifications, and business ideals.
SEO-Friendly eCommerce Platform: It’s all about your online presence. Greater visibility comes with better ecommerce design and our SEO-friendly eCommerce platform is built to ensure prominent rankings across the board. We know what the search engines are looking for and we cater to this.
Customized Dashboard: Our “dashing” control panel/dashboard is so intuitive that you can easily manage the online store - its inventory, orders, reports, etc-with just a few clicks.
Customized Shopping Cart and Checkout Process: Who wants to stare at a boring shopping cart? We want your customers feel excited about their new purchase and our customized checkout process ensures exactly this. We help you create a memorable shopping experience for your customers, propelling future sales and encouraging returning customers.
Order Processing and Shipping Management: Shipping here, there, and everywhere-it’s super easy for store owners to process orders and manage shipping. Our shipping features, along with our other customized ecommerce features, guarantee a seamless transaction and management process.
Expansion and Growth: Companies expand, companies downsize-we want to make the former come true for you. The capability to supply your products worldwide comes standard with our ecommerce marketing features, allowing you to tap into the power of the internet to supply to markets all over the world. Grow your business in leaps and bounds using Ydeveloper’s Custom eCommerce solutions.
Exclusive Benefits of e-Smart eCommerce Suite:
  • Leading industry experts recommend it
  • Custom-built solutions for business processes and requirements
  • Completely SEO-friendly ecommerce platform allowing for the best possible results
  • User-friendly admin panel for managing the site/store
  • Highly advanced inventory management features
  • Custom-built shopping cart, checkout process, and order processing
  • Customized reporting to help analyze business activities
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) support
  • Provision for multiple shipping addresses for a single order
  • Multiple real-time shipping rates for a single order
  • Multiple languages and currencies supported
  • Storing info from multiple credit cards supported
  • No hidden transaction charges or monthly fees
  • Feeds for different ecommerce platforms automatically generated
    (e.g., Yahoo Store, eBay Store, and Amazon Webstore)
  • Feeds for Google Base, PriceGrabber, Yahoo! Shopping, and more
  • High-end efficiency and control over business activities

Multi-Store eCommerce Solution

A custom-built solution for managing several ecommerce stores from a single backend
e-Smart eCommerce Packages

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e-Smart eCommerce Suite?

Ydeveloper has developed the best e-Smart eCommerce software to help address the various client requirements needed to maintain eCommerce web design. This custom ecommerce platform helps create and manage a fully flexible and 100% SEO friendly e-commerce store. Aesthetically designed and highly efficacious ecommerce systems with single-panel back-ends can be created using e-Smart eCommerce Suite. Ydeveloper has experience developing 100+ custom ecommerce websites for various kinds of products and services, and its team of ecommerce development experts are expert users of various website development technologies, such as ASP.net, PHP, Java, and Flash. You'll be proud of the custom ecommerce development using this complete package.

Merchants' requirements for website design, configured support, customization, management, and promotion of their online storefront, as well as user-friendly backend or administrative dashboard controls, are all included in this software. You will also find all the support and tools required to easily manage your ecommerce store.

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.
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