Dynamic Generated Meta Tags

Dynamic Generated Meta Tags

Dynamic generated meta tags offer to create unique keywords and descriptions by scanning your product details.

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Dynamic Generated Meta Tags

This option will tie in with your database file and allow you to create keywords and descriptions for every item on your site, which we then load directly onto the Meta Tags.

Don't want to type it all out? We can create a dynamic option that will display data directly from your item information.

Benefit Snapshot

  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Increased Site Exposure
  • Reduces Advertising Budget
  • Automatically Populates

General keywords and descriptions are no longer enough for search engines optimization.

Uniqueness, particularly in content writing, is a key component of search engine rankings. Search engines will scan your pages looking for unique content on every page that will be useful and relevant to the search phase. If you have global or general keywords and descriptions, search engines will begin to ignore that information, no matter how many keywords you have.

This balancing effect of SEO is our particular specialty.

Dynamically Generated META Tags from Ydeveloper will scan the product name, its caption, label, and abstract and create unique Keywords and Descriptions for every page. Product keywords and description tags will also contain the same keywords that you have in your content (Product, Name, and Caption). When you have unique content, title tags, keywords and descriptions on every page, search engines will scan your site and see that your site has greater variety and uniqueness. If you are easier to identify a site out of the masses, it can noticeably improve your ranking by search engines.

We can help to save your time by modifying your templates in such way that it automatically generates Meta Description and Meta Keywords tags for every item on your site. Yahoo requires that each and every page of your site must have these unique tags in order to get indexed properly in their search engine.

In addition, each of these can be manually overridden, allowing you to enter the exact text you want for individual pages. Also, for most Yahoo Stores, we can make the manual process possible via a Database upload, allowing you to create any of the tags you want in a CSV file and load them all at once with a single Database upload.

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