Dynamic Pagination

Dynamic Pagination

Synchronize the pages of your website for better loading and navigation with Ydeveloper's solutions.

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Dynamic Pagination

What's the basic idea behind Dynamic Pagination?

  • Reduce the load time of a page
  • Divide a number of products into smaller portions
  • Pagination & Sorting function gives you a great way to paginate your sections and more!
  • Now you can break up your long section pages into multiple pages and allow your customers to sort items in different ways.
  • Pagination and sorting help your customers quickly find the products they are looking for - and get them swiftly into their Yahoo store shopping cart!


  • Create multiple pages through JavaScript/RTML.
  • Distribute items on a number of pages and reduce the load time of a page, which minimizes the size of page.
  • Optimize each page for better search engine ranking.

Paginating sections is done at the same time as the site's installation. We will provide instructions so you can paginate new sections and any old sections.

We provide you the following functions:

1) Simple Paging with JavaScript
This will just have the items distributed into different pages and get the advantage of above listed RTML features through java script.

2) Paging with RTML
We will add this functionality to your store with the RTML coding itself. This will add the benefit of loading all products at one time, but only selected will display with pure RTML coding. Reduce the use of java script which makes the page SEO friendly.

3) Advanced pagination with sorting using java script
Provides you with the functionality of both the paging and the sorting. Customer can sort the paging style by ascending or descending manner. Flexible sorting options: Name, Price, ID, and more!

4) Advanced pagination with sorting and number of items on page
Provides you the full control of the pagination functionality. You can even manage the number of items to be display at the page. The sorting and the paging function will dynamically react with the appropriate items as per your discretion.
Flexible sorting options: Name, Price, ID, and more! Includes number of items per page.

Dynamic Pagination
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