Domain Redirect

Domain Redirect

Ydeveloper helps you improve your online visibility by selecting a single domain name to generate URLs.

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Domain Redirect

If you have more than one URL for your site, you will be able to redirect all the links to one particular URL. Suppose you have URLs like & These URLs serve different purposes for your store. If you search for your store using a search engine, you may see these different URLs appearing in the result pages. This may be a problem because the relevancy rankings are spread out among those URLs. Ideally, you want to optimize the relevancy rankings to just one URL. You can redirect all the pages to from

This process allows your site to be counted more in ranking, beecause more links and meta-tags will be redirected to them. If 2 different URL contains similar contents, the search engine index will be dropped. But if you will have one URL with the same contents you will get better ranking in search engine.

This feature helps you select a single domain name to generated URLs. Yahoo store accounts, by default, do not set the URL redirection. Merchant Solutions account, by default, set to redirect to where domain name represents the domain you selected at signup or upgrade to Yahoo Merchant Solutions. You can choose to redirect all Yahoo-generated URLs to any hostname or domain name listed on the Domain Management page or even to not redirect any URLs.

This feature will also help you redirect all the pages to from the non-www sites ( For example, you can redirect to This feature will help you to have one URL, known as a canonical URL, rather than multiple URLs, so that search engines will accrue one url rather, than being spread out across multiple urls.

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