Customized eCommerce

Customized eCommerce

To optimize you website’s usability and profitability hire our professional eCommerce experts.

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Customized eCommerce

E-Commerce helps achieve business objectives using the latest information technology. This not only transforms business processes, but also enables service providers extend a higher degree of customer service. With the phenomenal growth of the Internet industry, e-Commerce is poised to become the next big thing in the business arena.

E-commerce could be B2B, i.e. Business to Business, or B2C, i.e. Business to Customers. Most e-Commerce sites provide B2C services over the Internet. This includes both sales as well as services. Yahoo Stores,, PHP and JAVA are some of the most common and easiest platforms for having a customized e-commerce presence on the net. These platforms help you maintain an exclusive presence that allows you to sell online round-the-clock. With the proven technology and easy-to-use customized ecommerce features, you can set-up your email, search the market, and manage your personal domain.

Solutions Provided

We have the recipe for crafting the perfect customized e-Commerce solutions. We not only help you quickly and easily create an e-commerce site, but also help you target and reach your most profitable audience segments. Customized templates, power store enhancements, customized e-commerce solutions and a team of highly skilled professionals − including, designers, search engine optimizers (SEO) and developers − ensure that your store ranks above the rest of the e-stores.

Strategic inputs from our e-Commerce experts help transform an average e-store to an exceptional one. As web technology developers, we have greatly expanded our scope, while keeping a central focus on the requirements on our client. Our entire development process is focused around YOU and your business success.

All our store development efforts are directed toward increasing the sophistication and functionality of your e-Commerce site. All our enhancements, including layout, design, and navigation, are developed keeping the end user in mind − thus ensuring the complete satisfaction of all your online customers.

Added Advantage

  • Client centric store development
  • 100% dedicated and devoted development team
  • Customized template technology
  • Easy to reach development and designing team
  • Customized e-Commerce development

Success stories of our clients

Want to see how our previous clients have doubled and tripled their sales within a matter of six months? It was all possible because their customized e-Commerce store was developed by Ydeveloper.

Professional Add-on Service

For all organizations that would like to maximize their website’s usability and profitability, our team of professional e-commerce experts would be more than happy to assist in selecting the most appropriate e-commerce platforms for you based on your current inventory. This includes an in-depth review of user buying experiences, products and product categories, shopping carts, page layouts and checkout procedures.

Customer Testimonials
Working with Ydeveloper team is an unbelievably satisfying experience; their team members are always ready to provide their excellent service to ...
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