Custom Quantity Pricing

Custom Quantity Pricing

Help your customers with the decision to buy in bulk using this great feature from Ydeveloper.

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Custom Quantity Pricing

Buying in bulk? How about discounts for more than one purchase? Ydeveloper makes this possible through our innovative RTML features like Custom Quantity Pricing. Also, let them know how much they can save when they purchase more than one item.

Yahoo will display your quantity pricing by feature in the following format:
$3.39 3/$9.99 5/$16 10/$28 25/$57.5

When a customer buys four of something, you want to know their savings. These savings need to be effortlessly displayed for effective sales marketing. If a customer wants only three items, how much is each item then? How much will they benefit from ordering more than one of any product? Let them know through our Custom Quantity Pricing features.

By adding this feature to your store, you eliminate those questions, which will lead to higher sales conversions. The best part is that it automatically displays all of your quantity pricing in the exact above format. We also provide you a facility to turn the function on or off, depending on when you want it displayed. Now that's customization.

Key Benefits

  • Makes it easier for your customers to buy products, especially in bulk.
  • Puts important pricing information at your customers' fingertips
  • Increase your average order size
  • Customized to match your store's layout and design
Custom Quantity Pricing
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