Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Both business goals and CSR goals go hand in hand at Ydeveloper.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept taken up by only the very best of both public and private sector units. All too often, the company with the best CSR policies and practices is also the one that earns the maximum good will of all its shareholders and stakeholders.

Ydeveloper upholds the cause of the entire marketing community because we continually revise and revitalize our corporate social responsibility policies.

Ydeveloper is committed to giving back to society (and our clients) in many ways, and our diverse team of employees is highly valued at all levels. We pride ourselves in giving our employees the best work environments, fair pay, and proper/ethical training.

In keeping with a broad-minded policy based on such an approach, Ydeveloper provides education and training opportunities to socio-economically deprived individuals. We work earnestly to ensure that society and our individual workplace becomes a more equitable and egalitarian place for all-round development of all those premium skills that IT cannot do without.

Actively pursuing our CSR goals has made us realize that giving truly is the best manifestation of entrepreneurship, and that it has always been in tandem with our high standards of commitment --towards both our clients and those who benefit from our CSR management activities.

For more information on our corporate social responsibility initiatives, please contact us.

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