Click to Enlarge Feature

Click to Enlarge Feature

The click-to-enlarge feature – on the product page itself - helps your customers view the product better using an enlarged image.

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Click to Enlarge Feature

Let your customers get a better look at your products – without making them leave the item page. This feature helps to increase your conversion rate and ensure higher profit margins.

Customers interested in purchasing a particular product will want to get a better look at the product before the final checkout. For this purpose, Yahoo Store has built this functionality into your store's standard features, assuring that every customer can get a good look at each product.

How does it work?
When a customer clicks on the product image, they are taken to a new popup window that displays the full size image that you have uploaded into your editor. On each item page, customers will clearly see a graphic image, informing them they can get a better view of this product. There is also a link for them to close the window when they are done viewing the enlarged image.

We can provide this functionality from the following styles below, simply choose the one that fits your needs:

  • Enlarge main product image (for Single Product image)
  • Enlarge selected product image (for multiple Product image)
  • Enlarge Product image image swapping on mouse hover (For Multiple product image)
  • Image magnifier
  • Light box for single product image
  • Light box for multiple product images
  • Enlarge product image with additional info with Add to cart button

Key Benefits

  • Shows the customer a larger view to facilitate more informed buying decisions
  • Keeps the customer on your item page
  • Assists the customer without the risk of loss of interest or attention
Click to Enlarge
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