Checkout Page Cross-Sell

Checkout Page Cross-Sell

This function will let your customers know about the products similar to their purchases, increasing the order value.

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Checkout Page Cross-Sell

Let your customer know about products similar to the ones they've already purchased, thereby increasing your order value per order. Moreover, your customers will benefit from less clicks and receive more shopping options as they go along.

Your customers can find "like" or similar items right from the shopping cart, while also receiving extra discounts for purchasing cross listed items. These discounts are, of course, parameterized by you.

Checkout cross selling also helps:

  • to increase your average sale
  • helps customers quickly add new products directly to the shopping cart
  • saves your customer's time
  • offers your store's best deals and promotional items

We provide the cross sell also on the item page, so that customers can get the cross sell item directly without leaving the current item page.

Key Benefits

  • Sell Accessories with the main item
  • Increase the order value per order
  • Show item specific cross sells or storewide cross sells
  • Increase the average size of each order
  • Easy to maintain, update and change
  • Ability to choose universal cross sells for all products in a section until you specify cross sell products for each individual product
  • Cross sell images are pop-up windows, so customers never have to leave the item page
  • Helps to feel your site look alive and vibrant
  • Decreases customer time to purchase the similar (cross) products
  • Customers satisfaction to get more discounts by purchasing products from shopping cart cross sell section
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