Brew Mobile Application Development

Brew Mobile Application Development

Ydeveloper's Brew experts go the extra mile to ensure that solutions built surpass your expectations.

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Brew Mobile Application Development

BREW is short for Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless. It is a mobile platform used for downloading and running small programs for playing games, sending messages, sharing photos, and so on. In 2008, the BREW client took a big step in an exciting new direction with the introduction of BREW Mobile Platform (BREW MP). This OS platform supports handsets and mobile devices across virtually all market tiers and 3G technologies.

The BREW MP SDK is an open and flexible development environment that allows mobile programmers to create new applications, widgets, and custom user interfaces for mass-market handsets and mobile devices. BREW MP is open to working up any retail solution throughout the global operator and manufacturer community, offering more paths to get your apps to the market.

BREW is also the ideal mobile platform for applications on CDMA-based networks. The platform was formerly available only for CDMA mobile phones, but now GSM phones are also supported by BREW.

Ydeveloper’s talented programmers are masters of BREW mobile application development, and are capable of handling any kind of BREW Application Development project.

Apps and solutions we have provided our clients so far:

  • Client/Server Applications
  • Standalone Application Solutions
  • Voice and Text Messaging Solutions
  • Music Based Application Solutions
  • BREW Music Streaming Services
  • Publicity or Promotional Applications
  • Games or Entertainment Development Solutions
  • XML data-based Application Solutions

Advantages of Applications in BREW

  • BREW API suits supported handsets better than other application frameworks.
  • The BREW Delivery System connects the developers with the wireless service providers through a highly secure extranet-like connection.
  • BREW application development also includes integrated distribution and billing features, chipset independence, and direct carrier involvement.
  • BREW application environment can support an event-driven architecture that is similar to Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and any of the other operating systems.
  • The BREW platform makes it easy for developers to integrate applications to the BREW platform all together.

Successful BREW mobile application development depends on the capabilities of the programmers in the respective technologies. Ydeveloper has a team of BREW experts who ensure that the solution built for you not only fulfills your needs but exceeds your expectations. A full return on your investment owing to the reliability, security, and scalability of Ydeveloper’s BREW mobile application development services is assured.

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