Understand the pattern and style of your users with Ydeveloper's breadcrumbs for effective sales strategies.

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Remember Hansel and Gretel and their good old breadcrumbs? Unfortuantly for them the birds ate them before they could find their way home. But Ydeveloper's breadcrumbs track a customer's whereabouts starting from the home page. This feature helps the customers keep track of their navigation through your store.

This feature is more suitable for those online stores which contain a number of products that are divided into various sections and sub-sections.

We provide 2 kinds of Breadcrumbs:

1) Single Breadcrumbs If the product resides on the single path/under single category for the whole store, Single line breadcrumbs is preferable for your store.

2) Multiple breadcrumbs If the product goes under multiple categories for the store, use the multiple breadcrumbs. This will show all the paths from the current page.

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