Cashing in on Online Christmas Sales

While there’s still time for the Christmas mood to set in, online businesses are and should already be preparing for Christmas sales. It is a special festive season when entire families like to go on shopping sprees and are ready to splurge at the click of a button. All the excuse they need is an online Christmas sales site that responds well. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of Christmas shopping:

  1. Build trust by prominently displaying your phone number on all the landing pages – as well as all other important pages, for that matter. Also, back it up by actually having somebody to speak to at your end. Encourage feedback and make amends for valid suggestions at the earliest possible. So you should be already doing this or start immediately if you haven’t, to maximize online Christmas sales.
  2. Use SSL certificates to indicate that your site is quite a safe bet when it comes to handling customers’ confidential information. That will help you make multiple online Holidays sales with individual customers. Other things you can offer include money-back guarantees, with the terms and conditions mentioned in plain English.
  3. Christmas shopping is often meant for someone else, so displaying multiple photos of the product and transparent approach to providing relevant info are critical to closing the deals. Detailed descriptions and clear pricing are obvious essentials in any online Christmas sale.
  4. Pictures, videos, and a blog will convey a feeling that there’s a person customers can relate to. Make it a warm experience of online Holidays sales for your customers this Christmas.
  5. Offer products that are different from those offered by the competition. Research the competition, then set the price points and additional details such as postage and prompt delivery. Don’t overdo it, though, since that could help close more sales but still not work out well. Christmas sales will backed up with quality service as well.
Online Holidays Sales
Online Holidays Sales
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

The time is now ripe to get set and going with making the most of Christmas sales. With people already beginning their Christmas shopping, now is the ideal time for a business to be pro-active and get online. I’ll get back later with another short list of things to do to boost your online Christmas sales.


Customer Engagement: A Pathway to Business Success

Ok, so customer engagement is vital to a company’s or business’ growth. It is important to be as customer-oriented as possible. While many companies are overlooking this aspect of business strategy, most agree that it is critical to their online business success. Those that can are allotting more and more dollars to the instruments of customer engagement – blogging, articles, press releases, user reviews, and onsite video.

A customer engagement model suitable to the specific online business has to address the core values, aspirations, expectations, and requirements of its customers.

Online Business Success
Online Business Success

These instruments are the eyes and ears of any organization that is committed to serving its customers well and well enough to profit from. The organizations that excel at it have well-defined customer engagement strategies in place – a system for ongoing customer engagement based on all the best ways it can serve its customers. Customer engagement strategies are no longer simply or only about charging less for the products and services that your ecommerce store provides. Now, it is about listening to what customers want, how they want it delivered, how they would like to use the product or service, and many other such things specific to the particular vertical your organization works within.

Here are the broad activities deemed critical to maintaining appropriate customer engagement:

Customer Engagement Strategies
Customer Engagement Strategies
  • Providing info about your product
  • Helping customers with reasons to consider your product
  • Responding usefully and well to inquiries
  • Facilitating the online transaction
  • Retaining customers through excelling at all the above

So why should customer engagement be an issue when it comes to businesses that do want to have all their fingers in the profit pie? I’d think it is taken for an essential and taught as a prime elective at business schools the world over.  And yet, there are ecommerce stores that will prove to be a source of untold distress to its own customers.

A business may start out on building successful customer engagement strategies by simply understanding that engagement with customers is not a goal to be reached but an ongoing process. It is about taking care of your customers and developing the business relationships. Also remember that your webstore should reflect and follow to a tee the spirit of customer engagement.

Just go for it wisely and for any help on customer engagement strategies, give us a call: +1-888-828-9864 or Contact Us.

What do Your Online Customers Want?

What is it that will help your website gain customers online or convert casual visitors? The SINGLE most important thing among everything else, as per a great number of authors and articles online:

How fast your VISITORS find WHAT THEY WANT

How do YOU find out what it is that these prospective customers want? To begin with, adopt the KISS principle.

Keep it Superbly Simple.

Give directly to your customers the info about what you sell. No meandering in verbose text. NOBODY wants to read reams online. Online customers are there for the kind of info that you and your online business can provide. They are there for solutions because they have the impression that the internet is where they will find the info they want. Don’t let them down. Give it to them – directly and as soon as they reach your site.

Content Writing & Internet Marketing
Content Writing & Internet Marketing

If you are into selling different kinds of bags, for example, tell your visitors about the kind of bags, their prices, their availability, and only such relevant tidbits of info from your online business – DIRECTLY, QUICKLY, IMMEDIATELY. What more do you suppose they want from your online store?

Your online customers are an impatient lot, and that’s an understatement. Even if you are into selling high-end IT equipment that nobody else does or can manufacture, the same principle applies. Case in point? Apple Inc.’s website content.

Have your pages full of information at hand – for those of your visitors who would like more of it. Let it even sit on your website, but ensure that none of it gets in their way to what such valuable prospective customers want to know.

Content is KING for the very reason that it gives your visitors what they want IMMEDIATELY. The words on your pages put that information in black and white.

Simply and directly.

Directions for Ecommerce Success in 2011 and Beyond

While Google is obviously the most important company to watch to be able to understand how the rest of 2011 is going to build up to the next new year, plenty of activity is taking place at Google and elsewhere that will have significant influence on how things turn out for ecommerce retailers in 2012. Google should be focused on in a big way – especially the May Day and Panda/Farmer updates – if your ecommerce business means to play to the rankings games with Google now or in the near future.

Why in heaven’s name would you want to play such games? Because online is where your new consumers, customers, clients…the people who pay you…are going to be and already are. To reach these prospective ecommerce revenue boosters and to ensure that they find enough of a deal in coming to you for their shopping and actually making a purchase, you will need to know about practically every single step that Google takes. And make the user experience at your site better for your own customers. How make it better? Well, the info graphic to your right says it all.

Internet Marketing (SEO)
Internet Marketing (SEO)

Google is interested in its own consumers finding what they are looking for on the Google search engine. It cannot but do everything it can to ensure that it stays ahead of competition such as Bing, which it regards as a serious competitor despite the vast margin by which it dominates market share. And therefore, its algorithm changes and updates are going to keep online businesses on their toes even through 2012. By mid-2013, I expect the internet marketing industry to better anticipate Google’s algorithmic antics and develop a sure-footed approach to optimization (lol!).

Bing is yet another important component of a well-laid-out, strategic ecommerce campaign. Along with gradually increasing traffic directed by Bing, ecommerce sites can look forward to an online world that wants to shop more than ever before. Microsoft statistics indicate that Bing users are more likely (11% more) than Google users to complete a purchase at an online store. Thus, the opportunity provided by Bing is one that ecommerce businesses cannot possibly neglect. The value that Bing promises for all ecommerce activity is far too real to ignore.

In order to be able to keep abreast of online shopping behavior, ecommerce businesses will need to resort to the good ol’ ways of discounts, coupons, freebies, gifts, giveaways, and the like. Further, ecommerce professionals should particularly ensure that duplicate content at product and search levels do not create grounds for a chastising by Google’s notorious updates.

Directions for Ecommerce Success
Directions for Ecommerce Success

I am expecting much higher levels of automation to be made available for enhancing the online experience for the shoppers. Google has been actively and aggressively developing and promoting its own tools and functionality that facilitate precisely that online experience for its own consumers. Beyond that, the simple things to remember are also the most critical ones. Be practical in how you prioritize website essentials while building or renovating a business website or webstore.

Your consumers should likely be interested in your products, rather than in the frills that you might get your designers and developers to create at your whim. Your consumers want a no-nonsense online shopping experience that lets them shop comfortably and quickly. Concentrate on these basics and on offering genuine value. By all means, use whatever functionality and design effect you want, but don’t throw them in merely because you took a fancy to them.

I will be doing more posts on addressing user experience and providing what users want while eshopping, so watch this space for more on the topic.

Meanwhile, think about what the customers expect. Then act accordingly.