How to Avoid Ecommerce Mistakes

On December 15, 2011, in eCommerce, by admin

TweetYou are an ecommerce business owner and your store either is about to be launched or already up there in cyberspace. Either way, your webstore could be suffering because of some ecommerce mistakes, which left uncorrected, can potentially lead to untold ecommerce consequences? Therefore, it is critical that you explore all the ways in which [...]

Cashing in on Online Christmas Sales

On October 17, 2011, in eCommerce, by admin

TweetWhile there’s still time for the Christmas mood to set in, online businesses are and should already be preparing for Christmas sales. It is a special festive season when entire families like to go on shopping sprees and are ready to splurge at the click of a button. All the excuse they need is an [...]

Customer Engagement: A Pathway to Business Success

On October 12, 2011, in eCommerce, by admin

Tweet Ok, so customer engagement is vital to a company’s or business’ growth. It is important to be as customer-oriented as possible. While many companies are overlooking this aspect of business strategy, most agree that it is critical to their online business success. Those that can are allotting more and more dollars to the instruments [...]

What do Your Online Customers Want?

On October 11, 2011, in eCommerce, Internet Marketing (SEO), by admin

TweetWhat is it that will help your website gain customers online or convert casual visitors? The SINGLE most important thing among everything else, as per a great number of authors and articles online: How fast your VISITORS find WHAT THEY WANT How do YOU find out what it is that these prospective customers want? To [...]

Directions for Ecommerce Success in 2011 and Beyond

On September 20, 2011, in eCommerce, Internet Marketing (SEO), by admin

TweetWhile Google is obviously the most important company to watch to be able to understand how the rest of 2011 is going to build up to the next new year, plenty of activity is taking place at Google and elsewhere that will have significant influence on how things turn out for ecommerce retailers in 2012. [...]