Which Ecommerce Development Package?

E-commerce development is a fast-growing market and web developers with the requisite skills may do well to provide such services as are required by business owners who want an online presence. What do web development clients want? Well, they want a solution that allows them to sell online, at the outset. The solution should be intuitive enough for them to manage and provide every feature that is essential to selling online. That also includes ecommerce tasks such as updating inventory, tracking sales, and managing orders. Features that are more important, however, are stability, expandability, and security, from the development perspective.

It is important to help your client get all the features required but it is at the same important to also maintain simplicity and efficacy of the website.

Then on, it is important to consider the following:

  • Does your client sell products or services or both?
  • Does the client need features for recurring payments?
  • Does the client require an easy way to track orders and growth in the admin area?
  • Would a multi-store ecommerce package be more appropriate for the client?
Which Ecommerce Development Package?
Which Ecommerce Development Package?

These are questions that will help determine whether it should be a paid solution, an open-source solution, or a custom-built solution. The best solution for the client is decided by the client’s business. For instance, a startup might get along well with a mass-produced ecommerce development solution. An open source web solution would be more appropriate for clients with a good business online. The custom solution would probably more appropriate where the online business is growing in leaps and bounds and there are some very special and specific requirements. But all this is merely conjecturing, for in the real world, there would typically be several different factors affecting this choice.

Online shopping is breaking new records every year, and secure, reliable, and feature-rich shopping cart and ecommerce solutions are much needed today. Clients may need an e-commerce solution built into their existing websites or a new website with a shopping cart that is built exclusively for the specific business. The possibilities for ecommerce development are as diverse as clients’ requirements and as a developer, it becomes very important to stay abreast of the new features, functionality, and leverage that ecommerce websites and webstores can offer.

In my next post, I will be providing a short list of options available to those clients who are looking for a reliable ecommerce development solution. Watch this space.

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