Installing Mega Top Nav Utility for your Yahoo! Stores

Are your customers turning away from your site because of the long navigation process and still not finding the right product? Is this situation affecting your conversion rates?

Need not worry.

Mega Top Nav Utility for your Yahoo! Stores

Ydeveloper will give your eCommerce web stores an overwhelming solution that not only gives your customer a memorable shopping experience but will also add to your revenues with increased conversion rates. Our Yahoo! Store feature – Mega Top Nav will make your navigation issues a thing of the past.

Mega Top Nav utility has some of the most amazing navigation features which gives a fine tuned navigation structure and helps your customer find the desired product in least number of clicks. This tool has been thoroughly tested and developed with the help of different eCommerce websites who have testified this as one of the top navigation tools developed in recent times.

The best thing about this Mega Top Nav tool is that it has some exceptional and easy to use navigation functions coupled with astounding marketing features. This means your site offers exceptional browsing experience together with promoting the product to your valuable customers.

Look below at some of the top features that makes this tool an extraordinary utility for your Yahoo! Stores:

  • The top section of the tool consists of the navigation area. In this, one can have minimum five sub sections which include some details like name and its related graphics for easy understanding of the product to the customer.
  • The second section, one part of which consists of some detailed information related to the product – details may be regarding usage of the product, the material used while making the product and many more. In the other part, instant links for shopping assistance like customer services etc. is readily available right from the Nav tool. This section is made visible by linking the pages to a title defined with a variable. The page is displayed as soon as the variables are populated.
  • The third section comprises of the featured products that you need to display. This can be considered as one of the marketing strategies (mentioned above) as you can use this facility to promote your products that are more in your store or those that you have recently launched and you want to make your customers take notice of that. This area can be displayed by mentioning a title that can be used for as the item ID. Populate the variable to display this section.
  • The fourth and the final section has no HTML and can be used to insert some attractive graphics of exciting offers and noteworthy discounts on your products. If you wish to include the banner ads or logo of your business then it can also be accomplished to boost your sales.

Including Mega Top Nav in your eCommerce web stores can truly enhance the navigation process.

Contact Yahoo store experts at Ydeveloper for more details on this tool.

Yahoo! Introduces Advanced Yahoo Stores to Grow your Business

Recently Yahoo! announced the launch of Yahoo Stores to help eCommerce merchants start and build their online businesses in a jiffy. The store format comes with a re-imagined, next-generation version, offering a powerful and streamlined platform to small business owners.

The new eCommerce format from Yahoo! eliminates the wastage of time, which could amount in weeks, that’s generally spent in setting up the store. eCommerce merchants, instead, can get their online store up and running in less than couple of minutes.New Yahoo Stores Launch

Apart from being easy to use, the new format offers a range of features, including:

  • Seamless payment processing method that’s PCI compliant, connecting the merchant directly with a payment service
  • Automatic SEO from day one, including relevant keywords in website’s URLs, concise descriptions of the website’s content and more
  • Effective product catalog schema and tools for easy promotion of products
  • Flexibility to choose right store theme with storefront designs
  • Responsive web designs that will respond and adapt across mobile phones, tablets and desktops fluidly
  • Easy editing features for titles, pictures, descriptions and more
  • Live Web Insights for mobile business owners, offering them the functionality to manage their websites from anywhere
  • Real-time analytics for web and mobile to help them monitor traffic and sales

If you wish to take advantage of this new feature and aren’t sure how to go about it, do not hesitate to contact us for Yahoo Store experts.

Yahoo! Launches Live Store Badges To Gain Users’ Trust

In an attempt to gain users’ confidence, Yahoo! recently announced the launch of Live Store badge program. The goal of the program is to showcase eCommerce merchants’ achievements such as web traffic, number of engaged visitors and so on. The badges will be awarded based on the data from Yahoo Live Web Insights.

“Yahoo Small Business Head of eCommerce wrote in a blog post. “Using this data, we’ve created a set of awards that merchants – both large and small – can highlight to potential customers. The current awards include: Engaged Visitors, Loyal Following, Top Destination, Pro Seller, Easy Shopping, and Secure Checkout (available to all Yahoo stores).”

Engaged Visitors Yahoo BadgeWhile consumers are familiar with the big name stores, building trust can be more difficult for the small and medium-sized business that is operating online, and is a crucial step in creating customer engagement and willingness to purchase. Yahoo’s Live Store badges program gives online merchants a valuable tool to establish and build trust based on real-time data.”

Based on the current criteria, it’s quite possible that a merchant participating in the program may not get any badge because the badges are only awarded to top rated or performing sites. However, they will get the trust badge. Moreover, eCommerce merchants using Yahoo’s eCommerce platform will automatically get a badge because they use Yahoo’s checkout encryption.

Let’s have a look at the different types of badges launched under the program.

  • Engaged Visitors badge: This badge will be awarded to merchants whose stores encourage shoppers to spend more time there compared to other similar stores.Loyal Following Yahoo Badge
  • Loyal Following badge: This badge is for the online stores who attract repeat customers relatively more often.
  • Top Destination badge: Designed for popular stores, this badge will be awarded to those stores that get relatively more visitors than similar stores.
  • Easy Shopping badge: This badge is designed for stores that offer easy shopping experience to users – resulting into higher conversion rate.
  • Pro Seller badge: As the name suggests, this badge is for stores that receive relatively more orders than the other similar stores.
  • Secure Checkout badge: Every qualified merchants using Yahoo’s eCommerce platform will receive this badge. Sellers using other platforms won’t receive this badge.

The badges appear at the bottom of a participating seller’s website, and it can be expanded to display what the badge actually means.

Yahoo Live Insights is already integrated with major eCommerce platforms, including:

Unfortunately, Yahoo Live Insights’ mobile application currently works only on iPhone.

10 Cost Effective Features to Manage & Market your Yahoo! Store

Managing and marketing your Yahoo! Store efficiently is a big challenge in itself. Isn’t it? A business has to make sure that its Yahoo! store gives out trustworthy and timely services for which it is accountable for while making a check on whether the right products are shipped to the right customer through the best possible means. Moreover, informing your customers through emails, updating your list of possible customers, keeping a track of all this data and the list of managing tasks goes on and on.Manage and Market your Yahoo! Store

We, at Ydeveloper, understand your needs and so have come up with advanced and modern tools to manage your store. Take a look at the below mentioned features that are perfect and cost effective to manage and market the products in your Yahoo! Store:


Checkout Page Cross-sell
Here, your customers are made known of similar products that were purchased by them previously. Also, with such checkout page cross-sell method, your customers can avail huge discounts on current purchase, reduce their searching time and in the process helps to increase your sales revenues.

Best Seller:
The details of products that are top performers i.e. those products that are frequently purchased by many people should be displayed on every page in different format and styles for every week, month or year. This will increase the awareness of the product and also provide a fresh and unique look to the site.

Deal of the day:
Make your customers aware of the smart deals of the day by giving out interesting details of the products including an attractive image for them to grab the opportunity for the day.

10 minutes offer:
People love bargains. With our 10 minutes offer, you can drag your customer to make further more interesting purchases the offer for which will last only for 10 minutes.

Yahoo Coupons:
Yahoo Coupons are the best option for making your customers return to your store often. Interesting Yahoo coupon codes and gifts for your customers attract them and help in building good customer relations.

Product comparison:
This feature allows your customers to choose as per their needs and desires so that they get the product of their choice.

Refer A Friend:
Your customers can advertise for your products. Yes this is true. If a customer likes your product, he or she will recommend that product to their friends as well. Our “Tell a friend” feature will help your customers do that by clicking this button and sending a mail directly to their friends.

Search Engine Optimization:

Dynamically Generated Title Tags:
Such dynamically generated title tags are helpful to pull a crowd to your site and improving your search engine rankings.

Dynamically Generated META Tags:
Through this feature, Ydeveloper will create unique keywords and description for your store that will be directly loaded into your meta tags.

Image Alt Tags/Title Tags:
We render alternate forms of keywords for the Alt tags and title tags which makes the optimum utilization of repetition of top keywords to boost your site rankings.

Contact our experts at Ydeveloper to get a detailed information of more Yahoo! Store features.

Utilize YSlow To Optimize Yahoo Store Images

One of the best ways to improve the loading speed of your Yahoo store page is to optimize images, and when we talk about images, we mean graphics as well as product images. Now you may be thinking about what clarify and resolution clarity. What would you do if we say you can still reduce the size of images without impacting the quality of images? What, you don’t believe us?

Read on to find how you can really optimize the images.Utilize YSlow To Optimize Yahoo Store Images

What is YSlow?

YSlow is a browser add-on that helps you improve web page performance. It’s compatible with multiple browsers and offers instant feedback. You just need to install it to leverage its benefits.

Once you have installed YSlow, you to “All” option. Through this loss less image optimization tool, you will be able to access optimized images. You will just need to download those images and upload it to your store. It’s that easy.

To upload it on your Yahoo store, you will need to upload images onto a Content Delivery Network. You can access CDN using image, inset and/or icon variables in the Store Editor or by the multiple image upload process. You can also upload images through LIB, the files area of the Store Manager, but do remember that the content served from LIB is not delivered in the fastest possible manner.

It’s pretty easy, isn’t it? However, if you are unable to follow these steps or need professional help for your Yahoo Store, do contact us. Ydeveloper, a leader provider of Yahoo! services, has an expert team of designers and developers who can help you optimize the performance of your Yahoo store.