Leverage the Power of ASP.net for an Awesome Experience

The major point of contention and consideration while undertaking a fairly big web development projects are the ever accelerating cost of such projects. However, considering the long term impact, it is quite important that the development platform that is selected is flexible and as well as scalable. It is very important to possess such a kind of website architecture that allows you to accelerate the solutions that you have used in the website that has been developed. In the present day scenario, besides considering the UX (user experience), the website developers want customized results, excellent performance and an ease of deployment. In addition, further enhancement to the site that has been developed should be done at a minimal cost. To address all such concerns, ASP.net eCommerce is an excellent platform for website development that caters to all such aspects of functionality and solution concerns.

ASP.net is a handy tool for efficient development of websites

The ASP.net web platform was developed by Microsoft several years ago and now in its present form can be used to build complex solutions and applications such as eCommerce websites, inventory management solutions and a customized CRM solutions. If you are looking for a customized development of your website, faster web applications and higher dependability and performance, ASP.net programming is an ideal tool for the development of your website and should act as an ideal tool for the architecture of your website.

Whether you are looking for a complicated business to business (B2B) solutions or a simple system for the content management of your website in which you can easily update and maintain the web content of your site, the solutions and flexibility provided by ASP.net is cost effective and delivers a high standard of performance. In addition, an existing system can be easily upgraded and customized as per your current needs using the ASP.net services. What makes ASP.net eCommerce website development stand out from the rest is the fact that they can be highly customized and these tools can meet your high expectations that exceed industry standards.

By using the ASP.net eCommerce website development platform for your eCommerce website, you get a powerful web application that accelerates the productivity of the sales department of your company. In addition, you will be able to reduce the cost of your operations by reducing the requirements for resources and by automating a major part of your business process. ASP.net web platform also makes the ASP.net eCommerce developers happy from a security point of view by enhancing its security using a 120 bit encryption algorithm.

Build highly flexible and scalable websites using ASP.net

In the end, it is emphasized once again that by using the ASP.net eCommerce website development facility, your company can not only enjoy the various benefits of flexibility and scalability, but you will also get a high quality and a low cost website that runs keeping in mind your every requirement. This will bring more customers to your eCommerce website, boosting your sales and reducing your operations cost. Thus, for developing an eCommerce website, the ASP.net eCommerce website development tools are a must.

Report: Only 15% Websites Are Responsive

Restive, a web performance optimization solution, recently made a shocking revelation. According to its latest report, State of the Mobile Web, only 36% of the websites are responsive.

The study, which aimed to find out the readiness of the websites in the increasingly mobile-device-operating environment, found that 60% of the responsive websites are hosted on dedicated mobile sub-domains, sub-folder or domain names. Meaning, only 15% of all the websites are responsive to a single web address, i.e., they can be accessed from any device without any problem. In the age of mobile-savvy shoppers, these findings are no less than blasphemy.

Website Design
Website Design

What’s even more outrageous is, only 6% of the websites are fast, i.e., they meet higher website performance standards that Google normally expects from every website.

Apart from stating that the 3% of the websites are both responsive and fast, the report goes on to elaborate that 67% of the websites require GZIP compression and nearly 83% of the websites need minification of either HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

“It’s hard to believe that almost 4 years after Responsive Web Design and 10 years after Web Performance Optimization came to prominence, there is still very low adoption of these important techniques. Websites need to be both Responsive and Fast to deliver an awesome experience for mobile users and we’re currently working on user-friendly tools and technologies to help Web designers and developers make this happen sooner rather than later,” said Obinwanne Hill, founder and CEO of Restive LLC who is also the author the report.

If your website is one of those which isn’t responsive and caters only to desktop users, it’s high time to adapt to the new breed of mobile users. Otherwise, be ready to lose your business.

Act now.

Tips To Create Best Mobile Website

Whether you should have a mobile website is no longer a relevant question because a mobile website is a must if you are looking to optimize your business operations. The right question to ponder now is how you can make your mobile website the best. If you are already thinking about it, consider the following tips.

  • Google indexing: Make sure that Google isn’t having a hard time crawling your mobile site. You can use Google Webmaster Tools for this task.
  • Add mobile XML sitemap: By adding a mobile XML sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools, you are helping Google recognize that you have two separate websites: traditional desktop one and mobile one.
  • Website speed for mobile devices: Make sure that the codes are clean and logical to keep the loading time to minimum. Also, using few and simple banners for the mobile site is a good idea as it helps reducing the loading time.
  • Graphics: Unique and attractive graphics are always good for engaging users’ attention. However, do they look good? If yes, do they look same in all the phones, i.e., does the image split in Android phone or does the flash player work on iOS platform?
  • Matching theme: The design theme of the mobile site should always match the desktop theme.
  • Avoid pop-ups: When users don’t like pop-ups in desktop website, how will they put up with pop-ups in mobile site? They would rather abandon the site, and so avoid using them.
  • Content: As mobile users will likely scan through the content, use short and effective content. Simple, witty sentences are a good way to keep your users engaged with minimal content.
  • Video player: If you are uploading videos on the mobile site, use HTML5 video player as it’s lightweight and easy for phones to render.
  • Add title and meta description: Add short and relevant title and meta description to help Google bots crawl your mobile site quickly and easily.

Website Updates for 2013

All websites need to be updated periodically. This is necessary from the point of view of both Google and your regular visitors or customers. Updating websites involves adding latest content, new images, and using the latest tech to ensure that your website is fresh and inviting.

Your website allows you to easily and effectively communicate what exactly you do. It is also an affordable way to promote your products and services, announce events, and provide such other information.

In addition, everyone knows that search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) love website that are regularly updated. Your customers also love fresh, relevant, and timely content that they can use. Regularly providing such content and updating websites helps improve your rankings on these search engines.

Website Update for 2013
Website Update for 2013

So what website updates and maintenance procedures are recommended for 2013? Based on website maintenance experts’ analysis of the trend so far, we have shortlisted a few essential website updates that are a must if you want your website to be relevant in 2013.

How do I Update my Website?

1. Switch to mobile
Get a mobile version of your website. Alternately, you could also get an app developed for platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. New trends indicate that online shopping from mobile devices is increasing. That’s why updating websites for mobile is important.

2. Improve checkout
Ensure that your checkout process is fast and secure. This website update will help boost sales and improve performance in 2013. Your competitors are most likely doing it – one of the most important website maintenance tasks for the New Year.

3. Enlarge your best images
Get rid of those faceless Zoo Zoo dolls and other images that were meant only as a decoration. Instead, update the website using photographs with people in them. Also use infographics, well-designed flowcharts, and diagrams where relevant.

4. K.I.S.S. principle (Keep it Short and Simple)
Your navigation, layout, buttons, icons, and other website features absolutely and positively MUST be simple and attractive. Anything that might confuse shoppers must go when you get your website updated for 2013.

5. Replace old fonts
Shoppers are not only youngsters using their iPads. New trends suggest that shoppers may include older people who are not quite as comfortable with computers. There are thousands of new fonts available that look bigger and still accommodate all your content.

These five are some of the most urgent website updates and maintenance procedures to take up now, to be ready with a greatly improved performance in 2013. If you require any assistance with your website maintenance, just call us.

Business Benefits of HTML5

Think of HTML5 and you are reminded of the high priority accorded to it by an authority no less than the late Steve Jobs. So what are the business benefits of web development based on HTML5? Here are three important ways in which it can bring significant business benefits:

  1. Search engines index your site better: HTML5’s new elements will be heavily relied on in the task of re-indexing the web. Search engines will find it easier to attach priority to content, based on the element that comprises it. In short, it will deliver a significant boost to your search engine marketing efforts. Your site, if built using HTML5, will find favor with the search engines and rank higher, which of course means more eyeballs landing on your site.

    HTML 5
    HTML 5
  2. Reduced page load times and bandwidth usage: As a direct fallout of the use of advanced CSS3 and HTML5, a top-end web developer will be able to adequately reduce the number of images needed to create your website. The use of HTML5 for website development will therefore considerably boost the speed at which your web pages load – also leading to a proportionate decrease in the amount of bandwidth required every time your site is accessed. Faster loading websites are more popular among netizens that slower ones. The speed also makes your website a memorable place to visit, which is good for repeat visits and conversion.
  3. Better experience for your visitors: HTML 5 will not directly ensure that your visitors and customers will be converted and/or retained, but as a result of the wide range of tools it offers to your developer and the second point above, it will definitely be instrumental in providing a great user experience – which is priceless, from business websites’ point of view. These tools can be used to add advanced drawings, video and audio, and animation without making a difference to the speed at which your site loads. What’s more important, however, is that all HTML5 features are backwards compatible, meaning that HTML5 web pages will also work just as seamlessly even on those browsers that do not as yet fully support it. If your browser does not provide such support, it can simply ignore the HTML5 feature and still load the page in double-quick time.

Ydeveloper is a team of developers expert at building websites using HTML 5, using the various features, and ensuring backward compatibility with browsers.  Once you have a website built on the HTML5 platform, you will find yourself delighted with the “wow factor” it generates.

Wishing you all the very best of HTML5 business benefits!