How to Use Virtual Employee Services for Your Webstore – II

In the previous post, we took a look at the kinds of jobs you might consider outsourcing. Here are the other tasks that you can delegate to an offshore virtual assistant:

3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

SEO work is critically important for business sites that need to rank high up on results pages for more traffic and conversions. It involves keyword research to create a list of less competitive keywords with maximum potential, which are also relevant to your business. The next step requires writing content incorporating these keywords and optimizing your website for better traffic. SEO is nowadays considered an exercise essential for business websites. Professional virtual employees often deliver excellent and fruitful work.


4: Creating and Maintaining Blogs

Creating and Maintaining Blogs
Creating and Maintaining Blogs

Many business owners are either ill-informed or simply unaware that creating and maintaining a blog is of critical importance to developing a formidable online presence. Blogging, however, requires time since the blog posts must be interesting and informative as well as written with native proficiency in English. Virtual assistants are not always good at the job, but if you keep an eye out you might find a service that provides top-class blog content. Keep looking for SEO service providers who also provide virtual assistants that can write masterful blog posts around your products and the relevant keywords or key phrases.

5: Website Design

Website Design
Website Design

Website design is yet another area wherein work might be usefully outsourced to virtual employees. One factor that works well here is that offshore designers not only have a very good idea about the kind of design that works for businesses in the United States, they also bring a refreshing perspective on such design as will likely be enjoyed by your customers as well as make your pages much less of a strain to look at and more easily navigable. The freshness of their perspective will prove to be a great incentive for prospective customers to come to your site.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of tasks that an efficient services provider can successfully handle. Many critically important kinds of work can be left to the care of virtual assistants who take every care to complete assigned project to your specifications and even offer suggestions on doing it better, where required. Consider using a virtual employee’s services looking to the high quality promised, the timely delivery, and – most importantly – the very economical cost.

How to Use Virtual Employee Services for Your Webstore – I

No eCommerce owner could single-handedly tackle every important task that needs to be carried out professionally. You need to be free to concentrate on making the business decisions that will ultimately improve your bottom line. A virtual employee can provide the services that can do full justice to your online store.

Often, offshore virtual employees will know their job well. Sourcing your business tasks from a virtual employee based offshore is a great solution for getting things done economically yet perfectly. High cost savings are up for grabs provided you do your homework on sourcing the work to the top virtual employees.

So what all could you possibly source from virtual assistants? Qualified virtual employees know exactly what is expected from them and may well be the answer to your eCommerce woes. For now, I will discuss two major forms of tasks you can outsource successfully to a virtual employee:

1. A Service for Customer Service

Customer Service
Customer Service

Possibly the most tedious and time consuming yet very important task on hand involves tracking the communiques in your inbox. Responding to these is important because such response creates plenty of good will in the market for your business, which has a significant impact on your ecommerce business. Offshore virtual assistants will be able to handle this task with the utmost grace, if you simply take enough care to ensure that the service provider has people aboard who will be able to successfully sort out your customers’ issues quickly and appreciably. Their interaction with your customers should bring you great feedback and testimonials from your customers, thereby improving your store’s reputation.

2. Content Writing and Internet Marketing

Content Writing & Internet Marketing
Content Writing & Internet Marketing

There are highly qualified web content writers and internet marketing professionals out there on the web who can provide some classy web content after an in-depth assessment of your clientele. Outsource writing tasks to professionals who will write the content, put it on your website or blog, submit it to directories, distribute it using social media platforms, and do a thorough job of taking your message to your clientele. Such quality web content is critically important for your page rank as well as the toolbar page rank. You can outsource article writing for online submissions and quality link building. Which of course means that your webstore stands a great opportunity to benefit from the very best traffic and conversions.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Employee

An offshore dedicated developer, designer, or other professional (virtual employment) is a great option for companies or individuals in the United States who would like to expand in-house web development/design/other capacity and still avoid the overhead costs involved. Hiring a regular employee can cost an arm and a leg, too. Plus, there are also the infrastructure and other overheads to consider.

A virtual employee who is based at an offshore location can prove to be a great option for startups, established long-term product companies, and companies that require regular maintenance of a project or products. Virtual employee jobs are a great middle option.

A virtual assistant is pretty useful for project managers as well as consultants who badly need an alternative to higher costs but cannot compromise on the quality of services that only genuinely qualified web developers, programmers, designers, technical writers, and other virtual employees can make available. Managers in the United States can also not afford any operational glitches and yet require guaranteed results.

Virtual Employee Benefits:

  • Availability of genuine IT personnel
  • Up to 70% in cost savings
  • Custom development
  • Full managerial access
  • Daily reporting and status tracking
  • Complete data security
  • Real-time conferencing
  • Code ownership and IP
  • Development monitoring
  • Exclusively dedicated personnel
  • Monthly payment cycle
Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Resource
Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Resource

Organizations that allow you to hire a  resource will also readily demonstrate exactly how a particular need can be answered by hiring a virtual resource. Take a good look at that demonstration and solicit every bit of information on the organization that is available. Ensure that your assessment of the kind of quality of work that the employee can possibly deliver is satisfactory. Any specific additional requirements can also be discussed.

Hiring a virtual employee is a great option, yes, but you cannot rush the process. Take your time, complete the necessary dialogue and any other processes you think appropriate and then make a decision.

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