eBay’s ProStores is for Both Ecommerce Newbies and Pros

ProStores is essentially a toolset for merchants who wish to build an online shop. Its distinguishing feature is that while it enables the ecommerce young turk to set up a simple online store, it also provides an established online businessman the equipment to handle all the diverse ecommerce tasks such as inventory management and cost analysis.

The ProStores kit is available in various tiers you can opt for as per the level of your experience or requirement. These are as follows:

  1. Express Tier: The elementary tier for eBay stores users. Provides the newbie merchant space to include 10 items over two pages to display them. With every successful sale, you pay a fee of 1.5% as well.
  2. Business Tier: A basic tier for with a 0.5% fee. You can include any number of products in your inventory, with 50g/month transfers and 24×7 tech su   pport. You can also use your own domain name. This package is perfect for a great majority of small businesses or eBay seller.

    eBay’s ProStores
    eBay’s ProStores
  3. Advanced Tier: For a higher-end business, with a 0.5% transaction fee. This tier is meant for the established SMB. Includes all the features of previous tiers plus enhanced tools for merchandizing, inventory control, promotion, and payment management.
  4. Enterprise Tier: The top-end tier at 0.5% per transaction. For established midsize businesses only. Includes tools for integrating and streamlining your online business with an existing backend.

Every tier mentioned above provides the user the option to cross-sell products from the eBay store as well as the ProStores site. For example, a customer could find a product on your eBay store and get redirected to your ProStores site to complete the purchase. For the Business Tier and above, you can submit your site to search engines such as Yahoo! Shopping, Shopping.com, Google Merchant, and Shopzilla. You also get tools to help with your search engine optimization.

The shipping process is integrated with USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Canada Post.

Every tier provides templates for creating an attractive store and a large selection of third-party tools such as Flash, Quickbooks, Dreamweaver, Design Studio, mp3 integration, and so on. This is for designing and maintenance of your ProStores business.

ProStores therefore offers a lot to both the newbie merchant and the power-seller. You only need to decide whether or not you would be using the tools provided. If you think you can, you should easily make the most of the value of a ProStores business.

Several online merchants have benefitted using a ProStores location for their business. Would you like to get one for your business? Give us a call: +1-888-828-9864 or Contact Us.

Using Social Networks to Promote Your ProStores Business

The importance of customer engagement using online social media platforms is more important than ever before. The reason for that is the global-wide popularity of these social channels. Marketing principles recommend going where the customer goes, and to that end social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are simply the best channels to take your message to the prospective customer. ProStores 10.3 brings new features and enhancements that help merchants stay connected with their customers on social media channels.

In the hands of an appropriate social media optimization service, the inclusion of links to these channels on your ProStores webstore can give rise to a double-edged marketing strategy – on the one hand, you have ProStores itself with its vast reach and globally popular parentage. On the other, you have a social media frontdoor to approach and engage prospective clients in the most unobtrusive ways that actually work.

For businesses interested in receiving great feedback, free-of-cost advertising, and better traffic to their ProStores, there’s the Like widget. Once a customer ‘likes’ your store, she/he is essentially recommending it to his/her friends on Facebook. And because it is a friend who is recommending, your store stands a great chance for increased visits from genuinely interested prospective customers and fans of your products, brands, et al.

Facebook share and Tweet buttons on your ProStores allow customers to help drive quality traffic to your webstore. Clicking the Tweet and Share widgets on your products page posts the product on customers’ Facebook profile and Twitter feed, which their friends or followers can then view.

Development of social media features, especially Facebook and Twitter pages but also any other social networking sites specific to your audiences, using the services of a reputed social media optimization service can provide a great platform for you to post info regarding any sales or product launch announcements, seasonal or special offers, discounts, and so on.

The efficacy of social media lies in the authenticity lent to it by the network of friends and the interaction between them. These social networks can go a long, long way in helping you build loyalty to your products, ongoing engagement with customers, and – almost directly – increased sales.