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ECommerce has stirred the business in the market. Gone are those days when you went to shop manually. Call it time pressed or any other reason, technology has taken the reins of our lives. Most of them are shopping online. They browse, analyze, compare and then order for shipping. Online establishment means customization and integration.

Web application has become a sharp weapon to sell anything on line these days. Business owner easily gets connected to the customers easily. Open source is a structure that offers complete freedom for the business owner.

Open Source
Open Source Customization- Opens a Way of New Business On Line! -1

This platform offers a ‘think tank’ of designers. In case of any serious problem, they come united and resolve the problem.

Now any one can have an online shop in any corner of the world and run successfully. At this stage integration and customization play a pivotal role.

Web technologies like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento have turned everybody’s life for the better. Offering open source facility these technologies help in cost effectiveness maintaining the quality.

Open source software may not have all the functionalities that you need. Adding all those functionality that you need is called customization. This should go along with your business as well. By customizing these functionalities you can run business smooth.

Word press is meant for creating a blog because it has all functionality and excellent designs available.

Joomla is the easiest to work with having high flexibility. It has become the favorite of developers, designers and programmers. You can everything what you want from Joomla.

Drupal is meant for maintaining Content. It is slightly hard to go, but if you are used to it once then, you understand the beauty of it.

Magento is best suited for eCommerce. If you need anything in CMS you need to rely on this Magento for customization. Anyone can create his own website with open source development.

Ydeveloper has team of highly trained developers in all the above discussed technologies. Their expertise is sure shot in yielding fruits. Ydeveloper believes in learning and mastering technology. This ongoing process has pushed Ydeveloper to become a fore front runner in web technology!

Open Source or Hosted Solution is the Question

Finding the ideal solution for creating that perfect online store for your business depends upon what kind of a setup will go well with your business. There are two approaches to building one:

  1. Open source solution
  2. Hosted software-as-a-service solution

Each has its own specific relevance and application. What’s one man’s apple pie is another’s potassium cyanide – though that’s not how exactly it goes. But you get the idea.

Neither option is an ideal way to go. On the other hand, it depends upon your specific requirements and related factors.

Open source is not at all free of cost, unlike the popular misconception. Agreed, there are no license fees, but the hosting and the costs involved in hiring a web developer to set up your ecommerce store will be pricey enough to take the fun out of free software. Yet open source is the way to go where a hosted SaaS solution will simply not fit into the budget. Or where only the versatility of an open source solution can do justice to your business objectives. You might also want to create your own code on top of the open source solution you are already using.

When you have your own code at hand, it is quick and easy to make the changes you require. If you don’t own it, as in the case of the hosted SaaS solution, you will have to ask the developer to create updates that will address your issues.

Developers offer you both, a hosted solution and an open source solution. In both cases, they will be managing your code for you. Open source is just that little bit more flexible here since any developer should be able to effect the required changes to the source code.

A custom solution is your best bet. To get the best of both worlds, you could look for and opt for a custom solution that is based on open source software but is also managed for you by your developer.

All the same, there cannot be a final, decisive answer in a generic evaluation. But you can well ask which is the best way to go given the unique requirements of your business. Before you venture out to get your business a solution, it is useful to do your homework Know the options available and analyze them for suitability.

Some premier providers – such as Ydeveloper, for instance – can help you identify a solution that addresses every single business requirement. They’ll also actually build a store and help you with its management even after they have delivered it.

Find a flexible developer and you have found a flexible solution. Cheers!

Benefits of Using Drupal for CMS Development

Drupal, the open source content management framework and content management system (CMS), is highly reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and secure. Its web application framework capabilities can be used in the development of catalog applications, community portals, booking applications, and intranets. Its potential as a content management system can be exploited to develop almost anything that small businesses as well as large enterprises require.

Drupal development brings a comprehensive set of features that can be used by website owners or admin to create or update content even if they possess no knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Drupal is easy: Building a website is a piece of cake with Drupal development. It requires very little programming in comparison to other CMSs. It is also easier to add new features as and when required without having to change the codebase. It is almost like creating and adding a post on your blog.

Drupal CMS Development
Drupal CMS Development

Drupal is reliable, efficient and robust: Well-known for its meticulously crafted and well-designed code, Drupal content management system has a design structure that allows writing code to use the system resources judiciously. What this means is that speed and concurrence issues will likely not affect day-to-day work. Installing patches and updates to your website is quite intuitive, and updating the website can be accomplished in a day’s time.

Drupal is Secure: Security with Drupal development is much better than many other CMS development platforms because it has addressed serious issues previously. When you use open source software, you can be sure that someone in the community will quickly release a fix even if a database is attacked. Besides, the core team is aware of the most common methods employed by attackers.

Drupal is Great for Organizing Content: Drupal Taxonomy is a powerful feature of the CMS, it allows you to organize and reorganize content easily. Pretty useful for dynamic websites and webstores, obviously.

Hire a Drupal expert to develop your own content management system, who should be able to incorporate any changes you require to your website or webstore at any time. Managing your online business is much easier with Drupal development. Make the most of it.