Tips To Create Best Mobile Website

Whether you should have a mobile website is no longer a relevant question because a mobile website is a must if you are looking to optimize your business operations. The right question to ponder now is how you can make your mobile website the best. If you are already thinking about it, consider the following tips.

  • Google indexing: Make sure that Google isn’t having a hard time crawling your mobile site. You can use Google Webmaster Tools for this task.
  • Add mobile XML sitemap: By adding a mobile XML sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools, you are helping Google recognize that you have two separate websites: traditional desktop one and mobile one.
  • Website speed for mobile devices: Make sure that the codes are clean and logical to keep the loading time to minimum. Also, using few and simple banners for the mobile site is a good idea as it helps reducing the loading time.
  • Graphics: Unique and attractive graphics are always good for engaging users’ attention. However, do they look good? If yes, do they look same in all the phones, i.e., does the image split in Android phone or does the flash player work on iOS platform?
  • Matching theme: The design theme of the mobile site should always match the desktop theme.
  • Avoid pop-ups: When users don’t like pop-ups in desktop website, how will they put up with pop-ups in mobile site? They would rather abandon the site, and so avoid using them.
  • Content: As mobile users will likely scan through the content, use short and effective content. Simple, witty sentences are a good way to keep your users engaged with minimal content.
  • Video player: If you are uploading videos on the mobile site, use HTML5 video player as it’s lightweight and easy for phones to render.
  • Add title and meta description: Add short and relevant title and meta description to help Google bots crawl your mobile site quickly and easily.

How To Leverage Facebook News Feed Ads

Although it’s not even couple of years old, it has taken advertisers of Facebook to the whole new level. And if you are wondering what we are talking about, just check the headline again. Yes, we are talking about Facebook News Feed ads and how it has changed the game plan of Facebook advertising.

On an average, Facebook News Feed ads have a click-through rate of 44x higher, and a conversion rate of 5x higher, than right-side ads. Also, these results are achieved at a 67% lower cost-per-conversion than right-side ads. So the rising trend of advertisers using Facebook News Feed ads rather than the right-side ads makes business sense.

If you are wondering how to cash in this opportunity, continue to read on.

Allocate budget
Allocate at least half of your Facebook ad budget to News Feed placements. Apart from helping you achieve higher conversation rates, Facebook News Feed ads will enable you to reach out wider audience base. How? Well, Facebook mobile right now allows only one type of advertising: Facebook News Feed ads. And as the use of mobile phones for Facebook increases, which is bound to happen, your reach will also expand accordingly.

Select the right page post format
For Facebook News Feed ads , you get several options. As choosing the right option can make a lot of difference, think carefully before you embark on the task. If you are looking to drive website conversions or sales, go for a Page post link ad; and if you want to build brand awareness, Page post photo ad will work better for you.

Split out mobile ads
The best way to optimize News Feed ads is to target desktop users and mobile users separately. This simply means that instead of creating one campaign for both the type of users, create separate campaigns.

Use creative rotation
Manually refreshing various campaign creatives across a range of avenues is quite difficult. Hence, it’s better to use Facebook management platform with automated creative rotation capabilities.

Reach global audience
Facebook is global and so there are high chances that your audience is actually outside the U.S. Hence, it becomes quite vital to reach them if you are looking to expand your customer base.

Top 3 Overlooked SEO Tactics

Using standard SEO tricks can take you only so far. At some point, you will reach a level wherein no matter how hard you work, there’s will be no improvement in terms of results. This simply means that your SEO initiatives have reached a plateau and now it’s time to try something new.  You can try the following 3 things to make your business move further:

Use gated contentTop 3 Overlooked SEO Tactics
Of course, quality content is a sure shot way to gain online visibility, be it through SEO or social media. However, the problem arises when the best content is behind “gates.” Although gated content is good for lead generation, too much of it can harm your business potential. So you should always try to keep a balance between the two.

Initially making the gated content public may seem like a bad idea but if done properly, you can reap unbelievable benefits. Instead of keeping whitepapers, videos and case studies gated behind a lead, can you utilize certain parts of that content to create valuable, prime-quality blogs that can add value to your SEO strategy. You can also create value-added blog posts by quoting certain stats from your case studies.

Another way to make use of gated content is to offer it on multiple platforms. The users who have reached your lead form won’t know that the same content is also available freely elsewhere. Hence, you will avail the best of both worlds. Mind you, this tactic is not at all unethical or illegal.

Long tail keywords
If you are done with the regular SEO techniques, you will be definitely done with all the major keywords and phrases. So now it’s time to focus on long tail keywords and phrases. Even Google’s latest updates are focusing on that. The main benefit of using long-tail keywords is that it faces low competition, and if utilized properly, the payouts can be tremendous.

Offline Networking
Nothing can beat offline interactions, and hence offline networking always yields higher results than online, formal ones. So get out of the office and talk to people. Find out what they really want and how your company can address those needs. This is one of the best ways of building larger, loyal customer base.

What Does Yahoo! Store Designs Bring To The Table

Despite the popularity of Yahoo! Stores, most of the eCommerce merchants are still clueless regarding their full potential. Let’s see what exactly can you get out of Yahoo! Store designs:

What Does Yahoo! Store Designs Bring To The Table

Inventory management: Yahoo! Stores allows merchants to load up to 50,000 items with SKU numbers, product descriptions and images. It also offers infrastructure to manage the inventory movement smoothly.

Shopping cart: At Yahoo Store, you can either choose to have multi-page checkout or a single page checkout, depending on your business model. You can also set the preferences to allow customers to save and review their shopping carts later on.

Payment processing: With the help of Yahoo! Store infrastructure, you can accept all types of payment methods, including checks and money orders. If you prefer PayPal, that’s available too along with Bank of American Merchant Services.

Shipping: Yahoo! Store enables you to offer free shipping options like FedEx, USPS and UPS to repeat customers. You can even set your own shipping rate or use an integrated UPS tool that automatically calculates the shipping costs.

Order management: With Yahoo! infrastructure, you can track orders, refunds and all other activities regarding product movement.

Marketing: Marketing becomes easy too with Yahoo! The platform allows you to cross-sell your items as well as enables the creation of discount offers and coupons.

Reports: You can track your store’s performance with Yahoo! Web Analytics as well as download real time reports for better analysis.

Social media: Yahoo! Store smoothly integrates social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest on your store front.

Customization: If you don’t like the existing Yahoo! Store designs, you have full freedom to customize the design according to your needs and requirements.

Top 3 Sales Models For eCommerce Website

As an eCommerce merchant, you have several sales models at your disposal. You can pick and choose the model that suits your business the best. Let’s look at the top three sales model:

Online Auction
This the oldest form of sales model, which gained popularity in the modern world due to eBay. The main reasons behind the success of auction format are:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Better profitability
  • Good marketing tactic

If you are dealing in unique, artistic products, this sales model will work best for your business. Moreover, there are various types of auction formats such as forward auctions and reverse auctions that you can consider.

Shopping Carts
In simple terms, shopping carts are virtual shopping baskets. Every eCommerce website will have a shopping cart to facilitate a quick shopping process for the users. Shopping cart has two users: online store users who use the cart to shop the products of their choice, and administrator who manages the product information of the online store. There are various types of shopping cart available in the market. Some of those are:

  • Licensed shopping cart: In here, the merchants will need to pay one time fee to download the software on the server.
  • Hosted service: The merchants using hosted service will need to pay the fees monthly or yearly for the service. The software will be installed on the web server but it can’t be downloaded.

Multi-store eCommerce

In presence of hugely augmented eCommerce market, having a single store is not enough. For better success, many merchants operate multiple online stores through a single administrative panel. With the help of a single powerful dashboard, administrators can easily update product information, inventory level and shipping details on multiple stores with a single click.

There’s no precise answer to the question which sales model is the best for you. As every business is unique, the sales model should also be unique. If a single sales model is not right for you, you can always mix different elements of various model to come up with a unique solution that works for your business.