How Responsive Web Designs Benefit to SEO

With rising usage of smartphones and tablets, any eCommerce business has two options: either to go for multiple websites for each type of gadget, or opt for responsive web design that fits all screens and platforms. The latter is in trend due to several reasons, primarily being cost effective. Let’s have a look at other factors that essentially improve the ranking of your business on the search results page.

1. Google loves responsive websites:

Get SEO Advantages from Responsive Website

As outstanding user experience is Google’s first priority, Google strongly recommends using responsive web designs as well as favors mobile-optimized websites. And since the entire purpose of effective SEO effort is to impress Google, you better pay attention to what it likes and dislikes. When you use responsive design, you are definitely making it easy for Google bots to crawl and index your content. Isn’t that the entire purpose of having content in the first place?

2. One URL for one website:

Although creating a separate mobile website has its own set of benefits, having a single URL is quite beneficial from SEO perspective. With a single URL, you will have to build authority only for that URL. Most of the times mobile sites don’t rank well in search engines and that’s because they are canonicalized by their desktop counterparts. With responsive website, you will just need to focus all your SEO efforts on single website and all users will be redirected to a single website.

3. Lower bounce rate:

Even if you have high SEO ranking, your website may have high bounce rate as they are not optimized for mobile and tablet users. With responsive website, you don’t have to deal with this problem. All visitors will be able to access the content of your website, and you don’t even have to compromise the quality of content.

4. Enhanced user experience:

Usually we have websites to share our content. Having a user-friendly website goes a long way to find the right visitors who will share your content. As the responsive web design’s sole aim is to offer rich UX, it definitely makes sense to use it. For example, you saw something on your PC that your friend would like to see and you send it to him/her. That friend uses phone to check it out but he/she can’t see it because your website isn’t responsive. Consequently, your potential customer will get frustrated, abandoning your website and never returning to it.

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