Top 6 eCommerce Mistakes That Cost You Sales

How many times has it happened to you that you open an eCommerce website and close it immediately because the design doesn’t click with you or you find it too complex to navigate? Do you want your visitors to go through the same experience? Of course not because ultimately it will cost you sales. Just go through the following six eCommerce errors to know how you can avoid such situations and increase ecommerce website sales:

Top 6 eCommerce Mistakes That Cost You Sales

Complicated filters:

Along with the search functionality comes various filters such as new products, low priced products, different brands and so on. If you wish to offer outstanding user experience, you need to offer simple yet intuitive search functionality and easy-to-use filters is one such feature. Make sure that the search filters are simple yet effective; they should aid in navigation not hamper the process.

Out of stock:

Although it’s great to have out-of-stock sticker for the products you don’t have on hand, little does it do in way of customer satisfaction. Of course you can’t help it when you don’t have the product on hand but you can definitely add “Notify me when the item is in stock,” which will definitely go a long way in soothing your disappointed visitors.

Low-quality images:

Low-quality images are sacrilege when it comes to eCommerce conversion optimization. It’s only through the product images customers can make an informed buying decision. For higher sales, you have to make sure that the images are of high quality. Also, don’t just upload a single image for a product; upload multiple shots from all possible angles to offer better information to the visitors.

Invisible search box:

Search functionality is very important as it helps visitors find the exact product they are looking for. If your search box is user-friendly but not visible to the visitors right away, little good it will do. Make sure that the search box is visible on each of the pages, including inquiry form.

Inadequate product overview:

Visitors love quick product overview feature because it offers them a chance to scan the catalog quickly. It also makes the browsing process easy for them because they don’t need to leave the category or search results’ page. If you aren’t offering product overview or are offering inadequate product overview, it could be one of the major reasons of low sales numbers. So tighten up your belt there.

Hidden shopping cart:

There are two main types of shopping carts – one that appears every time an item is added, and second which only notifies whenever an item is added. If you are using the latter, you need to change it pronto. A customer should always known what he/she has purchased until then – unless you want rising cart abandonment ratio.

Do you know any other reasons for low sales numbers? Comment here to share it with us. Now.

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