Use Twitter As Marketing Tool For Your eCommerce Site

It’s an era of social media. Literally. Having a strong social media marketing idea is more important than sending out flyers to prospective customers. Twitter is one of the top social network that you can use to push up your sales. Are you wondering how? Read on to find out.

  • Create Twitter Content Calendar as a part of your Social Content Calendar
Use Twitter As Marketing Tool For Your eCommerce Site
Use Twitter As Marketing Tool For Your eCommerce Site

If you don’t know what to tweet daily, set up a Twitter content calendar to help you along. For example, on Mondays you can launch Twitter-only promotions and include offer codes exclusively for followers; on Tuesdays, you can share your product’s information through images or videos; and so on.

  • Embed Twitter widget on website

Make it easy for visitors to share your products on Twitter by embedding Twitter into your website. Use Twitter’s embed options such as Timeline, Tweet button and Follow button to make your content easy to share.

  • Link your email account with Twitter

When you have an email account linked with Twitter, you will be able to import customer list into your Twitter account. Once you do this, Twitter will help you identify new prospective followers.

  • Follow customers

Take interaction with your customers to the next level by interacting with them on Twitter. Follow them and engage with them on the platform.

  • Retweet relevant content

If you come across content that your users may find helpful, do not hesitate to retweet it. They will definitely appreciate it.

  • Use hashtags in Tweets

Hashtags are great to group content according to the topics. So find existing conversations relating to your products and brand through hashtags. Or you can start a new conversation using new hashtags.

  • Garner feedback

To improve your business, you have to know what you customers think of you. So ask the right questions to your customers to garner feedback, and use this information to improve overall user experience.

  • Use Twitter for customer service

It’s highly likely that majority of your customer base is on Twitter. So be available to your customers through Twitter. They should feel free to approach you anytime on Twitter.

Do you use Twitter innovatively to boost your eCommerce business? If so, tell us how.

5 Marketing Ideas to Grow your eCommerce Business

Of course every eCommerce merchant craves growth, but that’s easier said than done. While trying to expand business operations, you as an eCommerce merchant have to think about 10 things, including the impact on cash flow, your customers’ buying power, overhead expenses and more. Although there’s no set strategy that can help you expand your business overnight, we can offer you tips that are guaranteed to make positive difference to your sales and bottom line. Are you wondering what those tips are? Read on to find out.

How To Grow eCommerce Business

Know your customers: As a retailer, you should know your customers. Of course we aren’t talking about their prejudices or career ambitions; what we mean is you have to know their buying preferences and patterns. Once you understand your customers, you will know what’s their shopping behavior and what they expect from you. Accordingly, you can offer them tailor-made services.

Choose products prudently: You should always choose products that your customers are likely to buy. Based on your customers’ preferences, you should make buying decisions. Also, if you are selling special products for holiday season, do remember that you will be competing against big brands. So you need to calculate your margins properly. If you don’t have enough buying power to give big names a run for their money, better go for niche products that are difficult to find at big box retailers.

Content marketing: While you are creating content marketing strategy, you have to take into consideration new customers as well as existing customers. Attracting new customers through unique content is well and good, but you also need to come up with engaging and appealing content for your existing customers because they are your real profit boosters.

Email marketing: Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools. According to consultant Francisco Rosales, 95% of online shoppers use email and 91% of them check their emails regularly. Another survey found out that 60% of the marketers experienced a positive return on their investment from their email marketing strategy. On an average, a single dollar spent on automated email marketing services produces $44.25 in return.

Social media: Social media is a new form of marketing. Apart from being low cost, social media will help you engage with your audience. This in turn will help you offer them an outstanding social network shopping experience.

There are still many other ways to grow your business. Hire Ydeveloper’s eCommerce Marketing manager for your business to expand online.

If you have any new ideas for expanding business, do share it with us here.

Installing Mega Top Nav Utility for your Yahoo! Stores

Are your customers turning away from your site because of the long navigation process and still not finding the right product? Is this situation affecting your conversion rates?

Need not worry.

Mega Top Nav Utility for your Yahoo! Stores

Ydeveloper will give your eCommerce web stores an overwhelming solution that not only gives your customer a memorable shopping experience but will also add to your revenues with increased conversion rates. Our Yahoo! Store feature – Mega Top Nav will make your navigation issues a thing of the past.

Mega Top Nav utility has some of the most amazing navigation features which gives a fine tuned navigation structure and helps your customer find the desired product in least number of clicks. This tool has been thoroughly tested and developed with the help of different eCommerce websites who have testified this as one of the top navigation tools developed in recent times.

The best thing about this Mega Top Nav tool is that it has some exceptional and easy to use navigation functions coupled with astounding marketing features. This means your site offers exceptional browsing experience together with promoting the product to your valuable customers.

Look below at some of the top features that makes this tool an extraordinary utility for your Yahoo! Stores:

  • The top section of the tool consists of the navigation area. In this, one can have minimum five sub sections which include some details like name and its related graphics for easy understanding of the product to the customer.
  • The second section, one part of which consists of some detailed information related to the product – details may be regarding usage of the product, the material used while making the product and many more. In the other part, instant links for shopping assistance like customer services etc. is readily available right from the Nav tool. This section is made visible by linking the pages to a title defined with a variable. The page is displayed as soon as the variables are populated.
  • The third section comprises of the featured products that you need to display. This can be considered as one of the marketing strategies (mentioned above) as you can use this facility to promote your products that are more in your store or those that you have recently launched and you want to make your customers take notice of that. This area can be displayed by mentioning a title that can be used for as the item ID. Populate the variable to display this section.
  • The fourth and the final section has no HTML and can be used to insert some attractive graphics of exciting offers and noteworthy discounts on your products. If you wish to include the banner ads or logo of your business then it can also be accomplished to boost your sales.

Including Mega Top Nav in your eCommerce web stores can truly enhance the navigation process.

Contact Yahoo store experts at Ydeveloper for more details on this tool.

Why Small Business Fail to Make a Cut in The eCommerce World

Customer is the king. Though it may seem the most clichéd line of the century, it still holds too much weight in the eCommerce space. However, most small businesses take client’s perspective with a grain of salt. Consequently, their eCommerce business suffers. If small business really want to make a cut in the eCommerce space then they should really consider other successful eTailers who are good at attracting customers in big numbers. Figure out whether your small business is making any of these big eCommerce mistakes.

Why Small Business Fail to Make a Cut in The eCommerce World

1. Not informing customers about your store’s uniqueness:

The most common mistake small eCommerce businesses make is that they fail to state a clear value proposition. Small wonder they get lost in a sea of eCommerce sites. There are more than 200,000 eCommerce sites in the United States alone. Powerful ecommerce store development and customization should give customers a reason to shop on your online store.

Find out what makes you stand apart from your competition:

  • Is it your superior product selection?
  • Is it your customer service?
  • Is it your economical prices?
  • Is it your loyalty or reward program?

Zero down on the one that makes your eCommerce store tick, and then play it up with eye-catching headlines and short copies throughout your site.

2. Displaying Low Quality Product Images:

In the online world, images do the selling. As the customers cannot touch and feel the product, the quality of the images should be powerful enough to impress the customers. Moreover, it should have the flexibility to enlarge the image as well, as you can view it from multiple angles.
Plus, your product description should contain all the information that a customer is looking forward to such as:

  • Dimensions
  • Materials
  • Available colors and sizes
  • Anything unique or beneficial

3. Not giving due weightage to Customer Trust:

Everyone knows and trusts eCommerce giant Amazon. Why? Because it offers a secure payment gateway. But small business owners have to do a lot more to attract customers. For instance, for their secure payment gateways they need to show authentication logos and other credentials, as shoppers keep looking for signs to ensure that they are entering a secure payment. So small businesses should include a padlock icon and https URL prefix, and recognizable authentication logos from a trusted SSL certificate authentication provider like VeriSign, Comodo, or Godaddy.

In case your site isn’t verified by a trusted authentication source, customers may not entrust their credit card or bank account details to you.
Other factors that help build consumer trust include modern, clean design and a customer review system that helps shoppers read and leave reviews of products and services.

4. Ignoring Checkout Process

You may have come up with a great site, but if your checkout process is confusing and complex, all the product listing, compelling descriptions and advanced security measures won’t be enough to attract customers.

So, ensure that your checkout solution is streamlined and simple for customers like Amazon did it for its customers. The retail giant’s one-click ordering system makes it easy to buy and encourages repeat business.

Plus, make shipping rates and policies easy and clear, and also have proper return policies and customer service contact information for all channels possible – phone, email, or even instant chat.

By executing these best practices your small business can achieve big gains in eCommerce.