Yahoo! Introduces Advanced Yahoo Stores to Grow your Business

Recently Yahoo! announced the launch of Yahoo Stores to help eCommerce merchants start and build their online businesses in a jiffy. The store format comes with a re-imagined, next-generation version, offering a powerful and streamlined platform to small business owners.

The new eCommerce format from Yahoo! eliminates the wastage of time, which could amount in weeks, that’s generally spent in setting up the store. eCommerce merchants, instead, can get their online store up and running in less than couple of minutes.New Yahoo Stores Launch

Apart from being easy to use, the new format offers a range of features, including:

  • Seamless payment processing method that’s PCI compliant, connecting the merchant directly with a payment service
  • Automatic SEO from day one, including relevant keywords in website’s URLs, concise descriptions of the website’s content and more
  • Effective product catalog schema and tools for easy promotion of products
  • Flexibility to choose right store theme with storefront designs
  • Responsive web designs that will respond and adapt across mobile phones, tablets and desktops fluidly
  • Easy editing features for titles, pictures, descriptions and more
  • Live Web Insights for mobile business owners, offering them the functionality to manage their websites from anywhere
  • Real-time analytics for web and mobile to help them monitor traffic and sales

If you wish to take advantage of this new feature and aren’t sure how to go about it, do not hesitate to contact us forĀ Yahoo Store experts.


  1. Brian Peters says

    The recent announcement of completely new Yahoo stores platform looks up to the mark for users. The competition level is high. Mobile and other devices are now available widely so there is no chance to avoid either mobile apps development or responsive design. Tracking is also going to improve. Let’s wait for the new Yahoo stores reviews.

  2. Nelson Steven says

    Thanks for this information Akshay. This new Yahoo! feature is indeed a blessing for many eCommerce websites. With its brilliant features, it is certainly going to grow business and scale new heights.

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