Introducing New Products on your eCommerce Web Store

Planning to launch a new product or category on your web store without proper planning? Think again. It may look easy but if not done smartly can ruin your online revenues.

Online retailers need to frequeIntroducing New Products on your eCommerce Web Storently introduce new or updated products to their eCommerce store to pull more customers and also keep their regular customers intact. In addition, proper marketing of these products should also be done to make their potential customers be aware of such a launch. If it is a new product launch or updating the existing product, whatever the case may be, if done in a smart and systematic manner can bring in the desired revenues and generate more traffic.

Take a look at the below mentioned points that are smart ways to launch a new product in the online market:

Attractive Product Pages

The look of the entire page matters a lot when it comes to wooing your customers. So make the most of it by including classic photography and descriptions which compel the user to purchase the product. Providing different product specifications and choices to your customers becomes an added advantage to attract them.

Unique and Relevant content

Nothing can replace the impact that a powerful content can make to your site. Content marketing is a good promotional tool to make your product known to the online shoppers. Innovative blog posts, pod casts, videos and many more can bring in the required traffic to your site thereby increasing your sales revenues.

Paid Promotion Methods

Try including pay per click campaigns for your products that are going to make business. Other than this, streaming audio ads, radio, banner advertising etc. can be useful for the promotion of your new product.

Existing Usage of Resources

The best method for promotions is through email marketing, physical mailing, social media profiles, texting and many more to make your existing clients known about your new products. After you make use of your existing company resources, try clients outside your business.

Unique Selling Recommendations

Every product should have a pick up line. This means that every new product launched distinguishes itself from its competitors on certain aspects. Explore those distinguished features to make a unique selling proposition for your product.

Including Product Reviews and Testimonials

Product reviews and recommendations help a lot to promote the product. Many people buy products based on the recommendations of their friends or colleagues. This should be implemented right from the initial stage of the product launch to garner more customers and increase your traffic as well as profits.

Does Hiring an eCommerce Expert do wonders for your Web Store?

The answer is very much “Yes”.

eCommerce websites are booming on internet these days. With latest and advanced internet technologies available on almost all devices, it is the primary job of online marketers to make the most of it by enhancing and developing their site that syncs across all platforms. This not only brings in more people to your site who are looking for your kind of products and services but in the process will also increase your sales revenues.Does Hiring an eCommerce Expert do wonders for your Web Store?

An eCommerce professional can help you out with this daunting task. Read on to know how hiring an eCommerce expert has certainly proved beneficial to many firms.

Perfect home page and Easy navigation

The home page of your site is actually what turns on your customers for a likely purchase. So it becomes necessary for an online marketer to beautify the home page with all the elements that catches the eye of your potential clients. Another important aspect is the navigation process of your site. But with the help of a web expert, both these issues can be tackled thoroughly thereby making the right impression of your brand to the clients.

Outstanding Look and Layout for websites

Attracting customers is not easy. Your website should be designed in a way that it should appeal to the end user. In such a situation, hiring an expert will make your job quick and all the more easy. With his years of experience, he can design your site that best suits the requirements and nature of your web store. This is accomplished by them by undertaking a thorough survey of the needs and desires of your clients. The data thus collected helps them to present an interactive interface for your web store that attracts your customers.

Compatible across all platforms

Every effort that is put in to enhance your site is worth only if your site is free from major issues like incompatibility with browsers, takes much time to open and load etc. This aspect is well taken care of by the web expert. He will make sure that there are no major loading issues in your site and that it is in sync with all devices like tablets, smart phones and many more producing the desired quality results.

Maintain bugs and major site issues

Every site requires regular updating and proper maintenance. As there are small bugs present in every site, a firm may not be able to track or rectify them. In such a case, a web expert may help you out with timely bug reports and remove them which enhances the quality of your site and gives your customers a memorable shopping experience.

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5 Top Elements For Responsive eCommerce Store

In this era of advanced technology, not having a responsive online store design is akin to having a brick-and-mortar store without an entrance door. Through responsive design, a website/store adapts to the user’s device by re-sizing navigation and images; but the problem arises when the website adapts to the user’s device in a manner similar to that of desktop website. For example, a desktop website displays 7 categories, 10 subcategories in each category, lengthy product description and social media icons. Now all this elements are displayed on the mobile site too. Just imagine how cluttered it will look. So here the merchants needs to know how the responsive design of their store is rendering on each device.

Let’s have a look at top five elements that make the responsive designs unique and attractive.

HPD - An example of Responsive eCommerce Store

Thin Header

Usually a header for any website or store contains brand identity, global navigation, search forms and key promotions. On eCommerce stores, it also includes category and subcategory navigation. This all looks great on desktop website because there’s quite a bit of space on the screen, but the same style of header will look horrible in smartphones. The reason? Smartphones do not have as much screen space as desktops have. So when you are implementing a responsive design, you have to decide which elements you want to render in tabs and smartphones. To put it simply, your mobile store shouldn’t look cluttered and messy. It should look as good as it does on a desktop.

Call-To-Action Buttons

When an eCommerce store is rendered on smartphones, many times call-to-action buttons are moved down. So when a user is browsing the store on a mobile, he/she won’t be able to find buy button unless he/she scrolls down. To improve the mobile sales, you have to prioritize call-to-action button by putting it on the top of the mobile page.

Feature Images

While rendering a desktop website into a smartphone, the images shouldn’t shrink into tiny thumbnails because that spoils the entire user experience. If you are short of space, better remove the clutter because having attractive images is a must if you are looking for high mobile sales.

Finger-friendly Links and Buttons

It will definitely pay to remember that fingers aren’t as precise as mouse. So if the mobile store is rendering small navigation icons that can be executed precisely only by a desktop mouse, you are opening yourself to higher bounce rate. Make sure that the design of the mobile store is finger friendly.

Essential Elements

As we said earlier, it’s not necessary to display each and every element of the website on all devices because every device has different screen size. What looks as a minimalist design on desktop will look cluttered on a mobile screen. So make sure that the store only renders those elements that are necessary for an outstanding user experience, depending on the user device.

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Utilize YSlow To Optimize Yahoo Store Images

One of the best ways to improve the loading speed of your Yahoo store page is to optimize images, and when we talk about images, we mean graphics as well as product images. Now you may be thinking about what clarify and resolution clarity. What would you do if we say you can still reduce the size of images without impacting the quality of images? What, you don’t believe us?

Read on to find how you can really optimize the images.Utilize YSlow To Optimize Yahoo Store Images

What is YSlow?

YSlow is a browser add-on that helps you improve web page performance. It’s compatible with multiple browsers and offers instant feedback. You just need to install it to leverage its benefits.

Once you have installed YSlow, you to “All” option. Through this loss less image optimization tool, you will be able to access optimized images. You will just need to download those images and upload it to your store. It’s that easy.

To upload it on your Yahoo store, you will need to upload images onto a Content Delivery Network. You can access CDN using image, inset and/or icon variables in the Store Editor or by the multiple image upload process. You can also upload images through LIB, the files area of the Store Manager, but do remember that the content served from LIB is not delivered in the fastest possible manner.

It’s pretty easy, isn’t it? However, if you are unable to follow these steps or need professional help for your Yahoo Store, do contact us. Ydeveloper, a leader provider of Yahoo! services, has an expert team of designers and developers who can help you optimize the performance of your Yahoo store.

How To Set Up eCommerce Store

Usually merchants start their online business by selling on big eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Yahoo. As their business grows and customer base expands, they branch out on their own with a spanking new eCommerce store. Are you one of those eCommerce merchants who’s on the verge of setting up a store? If so, here are four things that you need to do to make your eCommerce store profitable.

How To Set Up eCommerce Store

Research target audience

When you are selling in a marketplace, you can never guess who’s your target audience. But this doesn’t hold true for an eCommerce store. You need to identify them and make sure that your store appeals to them. But how to identify the target audience? For that you need to go through the ratings that you have gathered by selling through the marketplaces. Although you may not get direct access to who your current customers are but if you look at it strategically, you can definitely get an inkling about it.

Select the best eCommerce platform

Now cloud software is getting affordable and is accessible to many small- and medium-sized businesses. As you are a start up, it’s best to opt for these could services instead of getting your eCommerce designed by a professional because if you choose the latter, you will have to pay big time. While opting for an eCommerce platform, carefully scrutinize all the options you are getting. The price and features will vary from SquareSpace to Shopify to BigCommerce. The wise thing to do would be to look for the amount of integrations each of the eCommerce platforms offers. More the integration facility, more the scalability.

Promote the launch

If you are packing and shipping products in house, then get some postcards printed saying something like soon-to-be-launching. Also, offer small discount to divert current users to your new eCommerce store. If you don’t have a set launching date, add the URL. If you are implementing a social media strategy, make sure that you are referring to your store name frequently but not annoyingly.

Utilize smart systems

You should always implement smart systems. The reason: it reduces the scope of human errors and wastage of resources. This will improve the sales and profits in the long run. Also, when the systems in use are smart, flexibility and scalability is their second nature – making business operations smooth and simple.

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