Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid For Your eCommerce Website

As you might already know, you are facing a tough competition if you are having an online store – unless you are serving a niche market. Can you really afford to make mistakes while setting up an ecommerce store? Of course not. But to avoid making mistakes that can cost you sales and profits, you need to know about them. So let’s discuss those mistakes.

Common Mistake to Avoid in Setting Up eCommerce Website

1. Non-relevant landing pages:

Your main goal to bring visitors from search engines and social networking platforms to your landing page. But what will happen once you bring that traffic to the landing page if it’s full of irrelevant content? Visitors will leave right away, increasing your bounce rate. So never ever have irrelevant content on the landing page; in fact, don’t have irrelevant content on any page. Period.

2. Poor search functionality:

A large part of your organic traffic will always be from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! – reflecting the fact that your visitors have a preference for effective, sophisticated search features. So don’t disappoint your visitors by offering them low-quality search functionalities. Equip your search functionality to:

  • Handle typos
  • Understand plurals
  • Offer thesaurus
  • Consider relevance of keywords
  • Offer suggestions

3. Low-quality content:

Content includes text content, images, videos and any other media material. Next to navigation and design, content is the next thing that a visitor considers. Imagine having a content that’s full of errors and of low readability. Wouldn’t that irritate the readers, compelling them to abandon the site? Always make sure that the content, including product descriptions, on your website or online store is impeccable. Also, when the content is rich, visitors will love to visit you repeatedly, and do you really need us to spell out what would that mean for your business?

4. Lack of shipping details:

Offering shipping details to your potential customers is common sense. Unless your visitors know how they will receive their orders, they would be wary of buying anything. So tell them which shipping methods you use. Also, disclose all kinds of shipping charge. It definitely doesn’t sit well with the buyers when they encounter hidden charges on the last page of the checkout; and if you do add hidden charges, you will not only lose your present sale but also all your future sales. You are better off changing this practice.

Do you know what other mistakes that an eCommerce merchant should avoid for better sales? Share it with us now!

Why to Opt For Yahoo Template

Every eCommerce merchant knows what Yahoo! can do for their business. Apart from being one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms, Yahoo! offers unbridled functionalities to both sellers and buyers. When you opt for Yahoo! store, you gain access to a range of advanced Yahoo! Store features such as:

  • Capability to add more than 1000 of products
  • Capability to delete any product or category from the store
  • Customized web page and design
  • Breadcrumbs for all your pages
  • Customized search engine functionalities and shopping carts

    Why to Opt For Yahoo Template
    Why to Opt For Yahoo Template

Specifically, Yahoo! offers:

1. Product page features: These features will enhance your product offerings, securing maximum exposure for the products while offering a hassle-free shopping experience to your visitors.

2. Marketing features: Marketing features such as bestsellers and refer a friend are great to promote and market your products more effectively to your customers.

3. Design and layout features: Layout is an interface through which your customers communicate and engage with you. Through Yahoo! layout features, you can create a professional look for your store. Make it simple and user-friendly to improve the conversion ratio.

4. Navigation features: Easy navigation will make the user’s shopping experience fun and attractive. Through features such as dynamic navigation, text-based menu, advanced search and snap shop, you will engage your customers more actively.

5. SEO features: SEO is quite an important part of your marketing strategy if you wish to have high conversion ratio. Yahoo! helps you in sharpening your SEO tactics by offering features such as optimized text links, SEO-friendly sitemap, Google Analytics integration and much more.

Do you wish to take advantage of these features for outstanding business performance? Contact Ydeveloper. Our Yahoo! Store experts will help you leverage each and every aspect of the eCommerce giant for outstanding performance.

Google Launches Google My Business

On May 11, Google launched Google My business to simplify the process of updating business information across all Google products, including Google Search, Maps and Google+.

The new, integrated product reflects Google’s effort to make the process of managing local business data, reviews and social interactions unified. The managers will be able to post content, track analytics, respond to customers and even launch Google Hangouts. If you need to manage your pages on the go, Google offers Android app for Google My Business. The iOS version is going to be launched soon.Google Launches Google My Business

The new product will offer G+ page managers more information about who is interacting with brand content. Specifically, the managers will be given information through three tabs – visibility, engagement and audience. Through visibility, managers will be able to see the total number of views that a page has generated since Oct. 1, 2012. This will include information about data about impressions across Google, including Search, Image Search, Maps and other properties. The engagement tab will allow managers to see the metrics about each post from the page. The first 75 hours’ activity will be displayed according to each hour. Audience tab will offer basic demographic portrait – including gender, age and geographic location – of your followers.

In short, Google My Business will complement your existing website by strengthening your public identity and visibility on Google.

While making the announcement, Google said that existing Google Places and Google+ Pages will be automatically upgraded to Google My Business.

Why Should You Opt For Multi-Store eCommerce

Multi-store eCommerce is new mantra of the eCommerce industry. Are you wondering what it is and why everyone is talking about it? If yes, don’t. Multi-store eCommerce is nothing but operation of multiple eCommerce stores by a single merchant.

The reasons behind the operation of multiple eCommerce stores are many – higher sales and profits being the chief reasons. Let’s have a look at these reasons in detail.

Why Should You Opt For Multi-Store eCommerce

1. Easy to set up: With the existence of several sophisticated software, it has become quite easy to set up multiple eCommerce stores and operate them. You don’t even need developers and designers if you are looking to branch out. Multi-store software are enough to satisfy all your needs in this aspect.

2. Single admin panel: Just imagine having multiple dashboards for multiple stores. Horrendous, isn’t it? With special multi-store software, you can manage each and every activity of all your stores from a single, centralized dashboard.

3. Centralized database: Customer relationship management becomes easy when the customer’s shopping history, shopping pattern and demographics are centralized. It helps you in creating special offers and deals for your customers.

4. Unified processes: Processes such as inventory control, shipping and order management is streamlined and centralized in a single backend system. This not only enhances the performance of the business but also reduces wastage of resources that you would have otherwise borne for maintaining multiple systems.

5. Sophisticated marketing: Cross-selling items become simple and effective. You can even promote the products of one store on the other store, thereby increasing sales and profits of both your stores.

6. Payment gateway: You can keep a common gateway for all your eCommerce stores. Consequently, you need to secure only one gateway, instead of multiple gateways. Also, this will help you reduce transaction costs.

Do you wish to know how you can implement advanced multi-store eCommerce platform for your stores? Contact us today.

5 Essential Design Elements For Your eCommerce Store

When you are trying to sell your ware along with thousands of other businesses, what do you need to be successful? You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors – offer something that your peers aren’t offering. In the eCommerce world, the first step to stand apart from the crowd is to have a unique web design. As soon as a visitor enters your website /online store, they should feel the difference.And for that, following five elements are essential.

5 Essential Design Elements For Your eCommerce Store

1. Unique and attractive design: Don’t you first gravitate toward attractive-looking thing? The same holds true for website designs. So make sure that your web design is simple yet attractive, unique yet relevant to your business.

2. User-friendly navigation: You definitely want your visitors to stay on your website or online store for long time, don’t you? And to facilitate their stay, you have to offer them user-friendly navigation features that are clear and logical. This will also ensure repeat visits, and business, from your visitors.

3. Showcase products: Are you offering something unique? Do you want to promote it prominently to your visitors? The best idea is this case is to showcase them on your online space. You can showcase them on the home page, allowing your visitors to directly buy it from there.

4. Promotional pages: Another alternative to promote your products is through promotional pages. These pages are quite different from your regular pages and so they largely succeed in grabbing your visitors’ attention. Use them for maximum sales.

5. Easy checkout: Offering every facility but payment facility doesn’t make business sense. Make sure that you offer simple and secure checkout process to your visitors to make their shopping experience fun. When visitors enjoy being on your store, they tend to return repeatedly.

Are these features too difficult for you to implement? You can hire professionals for this. Before hiring them, however, don’t forget to check their credentials and portfolio. And if you need any further help, do comment below.